About us

What we deliver

Kony is the leading multi-channel application development platform (MADP) provider with over 350 customers in 45 countries. We deliver an end-to-end, integrated, cloud-based platform that enables enterprises to quickly design, build, test, deploy and manage multi-channel app experiences. We also provide a suite of customizable, ready-to-run apps that lower TCO, ensure faster time to market, and provide enterprises the flexibility to evolve at the speed of mobile technology.

What sets us apart

We empower our customers to create experiences that matter. From delighting consumers to supporting employees, our apps and development platform give enterprises the efficiency and flexibility of the broadest possible device and OS compatibility.

Our customers include more than 70 Fortune 500 companies and global brands such as Aetna, CIBC, Hyatt, and Huntington National Bank. They have generated hundreds of millions of dollars through apps that perform a number of consumer and business functions. Across all channels, all major operating systems, a variety of deployment options, and the strongest SLA in the industry, no other provider has as many businesses successfully deploying apps to market.

We know that exceptional experiences begin with extraordinary people. We employ the world's leading mobility experts, and partner with technology innovators and proven integrators. Between our extensive ecosystem, committed team, and talented developer community, you're always covered  with Kony.

What matters to us

Kony believes that better business is just one app away. The benefits of productivity, loyalty, and convenience should not be limited by hardware vendors and operating systems. With Kony, organizations can focus on business strategy and opportunities. We've got the technology covered.
We love being at the center of the mobile revolution and rally to the cause of empowering everywhere through experiences that engage and excite. The multi-channel world is here. Let's make it work for you.