Kony empowers businesses to better compete in a global, mobile environment. We help deliver mobile experiences that improve customer satisfaction, drive brand loyalty, support employee productivity and enable better business processes.

Kony is the only platform provider that empowers developers to quickly build apps that run on the broadest set of operating systems and devices – all from a single code base. We provide the flexibility to design your own apps, your way, without limiting your technology choices or innovative spirit.

Kony empowers IT departments to eliminate development silos and find the right balance between mobile opportunities and risks. By leveraging familiar skills you already have in-house, we provide the controls you need and infrastructure you expect to distribute apps to anyone, anywhere. 


We are a dynamic, mobile, global culture expected to interact everywhere and turn on a dime. Moving at lightning pace requires that we have immediate access to the information we need, wherever we are, on whatever device we have. This always on, multi-channel expectation puts a lot of pressure on the businesses delivering that information…businesses like yours.

When you need to reach everyone, everywhere, you can’t afford to choose a mobile platform vendor that locks you to specific operating systems and devices. You need ultimate flexibility. You need to stay on top of the endless churn in mobile technology while minimizing costs and resources. Even if you don’t know how your mobile needs will change and scale in the future, Kony makes sure you’re ready for what’s ahead.

Kony provides an cloud-based experience platform to unleash the promise of mobility. With deployments in over 45 countries supporting 10,000 different device types and 8 operating systems, Kony apps help our customers reach everyone, everywhere, at any time.


The Kony approach has always been about making the path to better business easier for our customers. We want you to focus on the business opportunities that multi-channel mobility strategies provide, while we focus on keeping up with the constant stream of new devices, operating system updates and deployment modes.

Because of the unique way applications are developed on the Kony platform, we are able to offer an unmatched service level agreement (SLA) that ensures your apps:

  • Support brand new device models within 90 days
  • Support upgrades to existing operating systems within 30 days of release
  • Support faster adoption of new standards as they are introduced while eliminating maintenance, upgrade and future development costs
  • Our promise is simple. We will keep your apps running and relevant. No matter what.

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