Why choose Kony for mobile app development

We're empowering everywhere

Mobile apps are everywhere. And multi-channel strategies that bring those apps to every device and screen size are changing the way we work and play. Kony understands how to harness mobile technology so your brand can pursue its full mobile potential without risks or boundaries. Let us worry about new hardware requirements, operating system updates, and rich user experiences while keeping your costs and resources low. You focus on delivering new mobile experiences that empower your customers and employees.
Whether it's increasing customer satisfaction, streamlining business processes, deploying new revenue streams, or increasing productivity, Kony has empowered hundreds of customers to capitalize on new multi-channel opportunities with cutting edge mobile app development and device management.

We're customer proven

With over 350 successful customer implementations in 45 countries, Kony has a proven track record of keeping businesses ahead of their competition. Kony apps power the mobile experiences of the largest airlines, the biggest banks, the largest insurance companies and hotels, manufacturing giants, utilities providers and dozens of other global industries. Millions of customers and employees around the world are getting their information from Kony apps any time they need it. With over a billion mobile sessions per year, the Kony platform and mobile apps are built to scale so you can grow your business through any channel that best serves your customers.

We're partner supported

Delivering world class apps is a team sport. Kony has been cultivating and training a select group of partners around the globe who specialize in multi-channel deployments for consumer and enterprise applications. In a few short months, Kony has trained over 600 partner developers, designers, and architects and continues to add over 50 new developers every month to our partner ecosystem. Kony partners provide deep industry knowledge, best-in-class development and implementation processes and have a strong understanding of their customers’ needs and objectives. By combining these skills with Kony mobile app development and deployment solutions, our customers can get their apps to market quickly and cost effectively.

We're service minded

Consulting services, support, and training are all keys to a successful long term relationship with any software vendor. In an ever-changing technology and business environment, your mobile strategy and implementation must constantly evolve. Kony is here to help. Our mobile app development and deployment experts can become an extension of your strategic team. We know how to help you utilize mobile technology to boost your business. It’s our job to not only prepare you to keep up with customer (and technology) demands, but to foresee the trends before they happen so you can harness mobile opportunities to beat your competition.

What's Next

Browse apps

Leveraging the Kony Apps Cloud for ready-to-run multi-channel apps means your apps will always be future-proofed for what’s ahead.

Develop apps

Kony is the only platform provider that enables you to easily develop and deploy apps across channels from a single code base.

Manage apps

Not all EMM solutions are created equal. Kony Management is a true enterprise-grade offering that will grow with your business.