Application development for mobile users is fast becoming indistinguishable from mainstream application development. With today's open, standards–based mobile platform capabilities, developers can not only write apps once and deploy them across multiple mobile devices and channels, they can do so with more assurances of connectivity, configurability, and extensibility than has been possible in the past. In this webinar, Sri Ramanathan, CTO, Kony Solutions, and William Clark, Research VP, Gartner Inc, will discuss how organizations can establish mobile app dev best practices that leverage multi channel mobility across a range of business units and mobile worker profiles. Sign up for this FREE Gartner webinar to: 

  • Learn how to plan for multiple device types – including iOS, Android, RIM, Symbian and Windows phones as well as Android and iOS tablets – as well as multiple device modes including native, hybrid, wrapper, and HTML5 apps
  • Understand the development and application provisioning challenges and opportunities inherent in multi channel mobile computing
  • See a demo of Kony’s write–once, run-everywhere mobile application platform for building and deploying mobile apps to multiple devices and channels from a single integrated platform
  • Understand how to approach device fragmentation and build a strategy that enables innovation for meeting critical business needs
Friday, November 2, 2012 - 12:00 to 13:00
Bill Clark, Research VP, Gartner
Sri Ramanathan, CTO, Kony Solutions