Competing in a multi-edge world

We live in a world where business is happening across multiple edges. It starts on the tablet at home, moves to the laptop at work, and continues on the smartphone in the elevator between meetings.

This reality makes the idea of one computer and one phone per person outdated. Whether your users are employees or consumers, chances are they have several devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. They expect their multi-channel applications to work on any device, instantly, with a consistent user experience.

This expectation is driving the need for cross-platform development methods that cover all devices and OSs efficiently, effectively, and at scale. The multi-edge approach achieves this imperative. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, strategies, and services, organizations can bypass traditional mobility hurdles and ensure that each and every user receives an optimized, outstanding experience.

The Kony multi-edge advantage

Kony’s approach empowers enterprises to take control of their mobile strategy by delivering consistent, multi-channel application experiences across the multitude of devices available today and in the future. You can build an app once and provide device-optimized experiences to every digital edge – smartphones, desktop, tablets, and more – with the click of a button.

The Kony Mobility Platform allows you to combine and orchestrate data from multiple sources – web services, legacy systems, and websites – to drive new application experiences that were previously impossible. You can build feature-rich, multi-edge apps that run in native, hybrid, and web-based deployment modes with true cross-platform development. And all of this can be done from a single code base without compromising the user experience.

Why multi-edge is a critical reality

When serving the app-hungry, always-connected, many-device population, business and IT leaders must take a multi-edge mobile approach or face the prospect of falling behind the competition. As user expectations grow, organizations need ways to simplify and streamline multi-channel app design, development, deployment, and management. Hand coding apps for multiple devices is no longer an option. It’s too expensive, slow, and complex to manage.

A multi-edge, cross-platform development strategy addresses your need to support multiple devices without extra development costs or effort. You can develop an app once and deliver it to desktops, smartphones, and tablets without extra work. A true multi-edge approach encompasses tomorrow’s technology and devices as well. With Kony, you will not only support every phone and tablet on the market, you’ll be ready for wearables, the Internet of Things, and whatever else the future brings.

The multi-edge mobile lifecycle

Whatever your starting point – a single-channel app or an enterprise-wide mobile strategy – Kony provides you with the framework, process, and flexibility to do what you need today while preparing for what you may need in the future.

Our approach goes beyond just building multi-channel applications. A multi-edge strategy requires rethinking how we push apps and content to each user based on who they are, what device they're using, where they are, what security clearances they have, and more. We help you support your users’ multi-edge lifestyles with an integrated platform and methodology that place equal emphasis on cross-platform development, security, and seriously amazing experiences.

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