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In this August 2012 report, Forrester Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond gets hands-on with the KonyOne Platform to build and deploy a native and web app for multiple mobile devices, and offers a detailed review of the Kony development experience at every step along the way.

In this report:

  • Development experience in building native, hybrid, and web apps
  • Deployment capabilities and options
  • Performance in cross-platform native and web
  • Enterprise scalability and robustness


“If you need to build native, hybrid, and web apps from a common code base, we recommend that you put KonyOne on your evaluation shortlist.”  - Jeffrey Hammond, Forrester


Why Read This Report?:

In the latest installment in our “hands-on mobile” series, we rebuild and deploy the simple mobile application we built last fall with the KonyOne mobile middleware platform. The KonyOne platform allows developers to build and deploy apps in a variety of mobile configurations, including apps that run natively on Android, iOS, and Research In Motion (RIM) devices. In the process, we install the KonyOne platform and use Kony Studio to define mobile forms, wrap web services, and map RESTful payload data into form fields as well as deploy the app as a native app and a web app to multiple mobile devices.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 17:30 to 18:30
Jeffrey Hammond
Forrester Principal Analyst
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Forrester Reviews the KonyOne Platform