Kony Development Cloud

Build HTML5, native, or hybrid apps with standards-based dev tools and frameworks
Leverage an integrated infrastructure and backend services for app execution
Develop single code base apps that work across phones, tablets, and desktops

Close the "experience gap"

To meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s users, businesses face two imperatives: quickly deliver innovative, intuitive mobile experiences, and create an enduring infrastructure that will grow with your needs as mobility evolves.

Achieving these goals simultaneously requires closing the “experience gap.” The chasm between rich UX and enterprise IT requirements, the experience gap demands technology that won’t require you to scrap your existing apps and start over - technology that’s both flexible and forward-thinking.

Rapidly deliver user-friendly mobile apps

The Kony Development Cloud offers an open, lightweight path to enterprise mobile app development and deployment. Build an app using the tools of your choice, and deploy it simply and rapidly to an elastic, scalable cloud environment.

Then, tap into the Dev Cloud’s integrated mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS). With powerful services for authentication, push messaging, offline data synchronization, and more, Kony’s MBaaS enables you to host, manage, and quickly extend your apps. Plus, with RESTful APIs and pre-built SDKs, there’s no learning curve. That means your app development project moves faster and does more.

Use as much or as little as you need

With Kony, you can move fast without compromising enterprise requirements. The Kony Development Cloud grows with you, working with your existing core systems to ensure scalability, reliability, flexibility, and of course, security.

Start with your existing mobile apps and MBaaS, and as your needs evolve, add the features and services that make sense for your business. With the optional Kony Studio and Kony App Development framework, you can build stunning apps once, then deploy them to every device – phones, tablets, desktop – with just one click. Use as much or as little of the Development Cloud as you need to close the experience gap, delight your users, and guarantee the security and scalability of your mobile program.

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