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Kony Development Cloud

Backend services (MBaaS)

Leverage the cloud infrastructure for app execution:

  • Use open frameworks and tools like Kony Studio, PhoneGap, JavaScript, iOS, and Android SDKs
  • Easily deploy and distribute apps
  • Utilize an intuitive administrative console
  • Manage identity authentication and security services
  • Flexibly scale your app capability over time
  • Take advantage of the broadest device library on the market
  • Connect with any enterprise or third-party system to mobilize and orchestrate your data
  • Deliver messages and alerts to all channels using a single interface
  • Reconcile offline data from any device or enterprise system
  • Leverage web-based configuration and management console


Build native, hybrid, and web apps for phones, tablets, and desktops with a single code base:

  • Support all current and future devices including desktop
  • Deploy instantly to all channels with one click
  • Cover over 10,000 devices out the door
  • Optimize the user experience for each channel with common back-end cloud services
  • Write your business logic once, run it everywhere

Developer tools

Create rich, multi-channel, connected apps in an eclipse-based studio without compromise:

  • Drag-and-drop with a visual app designer
  • Design rich visual forms, enterprise services, and events (mBaaS)
  • Rely on a powerful JavaScript code editor
  • Import existing or third-party libraries
  • Auto-preview apps on the device and emulators
  • Debug and test your code

Shared cloud environment for developers and designers

Connect with other users and share your projects through the cloud:

  • Export projects to the Kony Visualization Cloud
  • Push entire workspaces and browse and download projects from the cloud
  • Receive prototype iterations from project team members

Cloud APIs

Access the most robust interface for developing feature-rich apps:

  • Choose from hundreds of cloud-based APIs spanning UX/UI, device features, utilities, security, and internationalization
  • Use an open standards-based JavaScript interface
  • Intelligently access APIs through MBaaS
  • Leverage flexible, secure messaging services (KMS)
  • Utilize cloud management APIs

Analytics and reporting

Gain intelligence through user, app, and system-level analytics:

  • Utilize built-in analytics and reporting
  • Scale to handle millions of transactions
  • Integrate with Omniture, IBM Coremetrics, Google Analytics, and WebTrends 
  • Specify custom attributes via an exposed API to generate ad hoc or custom reports

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