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Developer tools and features

Kony Studio offers a wide range of features to help you create rich, multi-channel, connected apps.

Multi-channel visual app designer

Develop multi-channel apps faster with fewer iterations:

  • Use form, service, data mapping, and event designers
  • Apply a consistent user experience across channels
  • Design for both native and web simultaneously
  • Choose from an extensive library of static and animated native and web widgets
  • Import custom, native, and web third-party widgets
  • Configure powerful native properties without coding
  • Create native UI controls without coding

JavaScript code editor

Use your existing JavaScript skills in the Kony Studio editor to write and create web, native, and hybrid apps:

  • Explicitly write code as needed instead of drag-and-drop
  • Use intellisense to speed up coding
  • Import and export native code for reuse within the editor

Event flow editor

Visually configure complex app workflows:

  • Manage navigation, service integration, alerts, pre-processor decisions, functions, data mapping, and actions
  • Create inline code snippets and expressions
  • Visually manage conditional logic and branching
  • Use JavaScript to code with the multi-channel Kony cloud API

Enterprise services integration designer

Leverage point-and-click integration from the developer studio to your enterprise systems through Kony MobileFabric:

  • Discover all available services and business objects within enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc.
  • Map backend fields directly into your app
  • Test connections immediately for data accuracy
  • Define custom web service fields specific to your app

Auto preview

Instantly preview your app without compiling code:

  • Instantly preview your apps on phones, tablets, and desktop devices
  • See your fully functional app – no need to compile
  • Share your app with reviewers through the cloud

Native code import and reuse

Easily incorporate custom code and open, third party libraries:

  • Use an import wizard for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows code
  • Incorporate device peripherals such as near field communications (NFC), barcodes, signature capture, and Bluetooth
  • Leverage a single JavaScript cloud API to access custom code

Build, debug, deploy

Improve app quality, speed time to market, and keep your apps running with minimal disruption:

  • Create Apple IPA, Google APK, Blackberry COD, and other native binaries
  • Distribute apps via public and enterprise apps stores
  • Leverage a multi-channel native and web platform debugger
  • Record and replay service simulator
  • Profile your app to discover performance issues

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