Service integration features

Kony Studio and Kony MobileFabric offer a wide range of cloud-based features to help you connect with any enterprise or third-party system to mobilize and orchestrate your data.

Enterprise service connectors

Unlock the power of your enterprise by keeping your employees and customers connected:

  • Leverage native connectors that provide bi-directional data flow from device to the enterprise
  • Integrate directly with SAP
  • Connect to Oracle Siebel, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards
  • Connect to Sharepoint, Salesforce, IBM WebSphere, and MQ
  • Use an enterprise explorer for discovering service objects

Web service and database connectors

Enable your business to make informed decisions:

  • Support all web services protocols (REST, SOAP, JSON, Web Scrapper, and Java)
  • Use a visual data mapper
  • Optimize advanced web service data packets
  • Use JDBC or ODBC to connect with databases 

Service orchestration

Easily build composite apps:

  • Streamline device-to-services communication to optimize the user experience
  • Use a composite web service definition editor
  • Leverage synchronous/asynchronous service execution workflow
  • Work hand-in-hand with enterprise and web connectors
  • Record and simulate service definitions for easy offline testing

Security and identity management

Protect your enterprise data and leverage your existing security infrastructure:

  • Integrate with MS Active Directory/LDAP, Siteminder, Tivoli
  • Support SSO and federated identity management
  • Utilize a rich granular authorization framework for all Kony services
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