Kony has you covered

With an end-to-end, integrated platform, Kony provides businesses the ultimate flexibility to deliver users a superior app experience on any channel. Whether your app strategy calls for web, native, hybrid apps, or all of the above, Kony has you covered. So what does this really mean? 

Build your app once

The best-in-class Kony Development Cloud enables developers to build an app experience once, using a single JavaScript code base.  Supporting the latest development standards, more than 10,000 mobile device types, and seven operating systems, you won’t need to write another line of code to customize your app for web, native, or hybrid delivery. Let’s explore your options…

Start with a next-gen web experience

Let's say your app strategy calls for a web app for all your various desktop and mobile devices. Kony leads the industry in support of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript web technologies and enables you to build pure web applications for phones, tablets, or desktop.

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Change in plans? Go native with a click.

After you’ve built your web apps, let's say user feedback indicates that your web apps are lacking key device-optimized features or performing slowly on specific devices. No problem! Using the same code base, you can easily transform your web apps into native apps. 

Don’t want to commit to one or the other? Go hybrid.

Still not happy with your separate web and native apps? You want an integrated approach? Sure thing. Kony lets you reuse your code base to build a hybrid app, deployed as a web app in a native container. 

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