Kony for SAP® Business Suite

Hundreds of global customers are using Kony’s “no external middleware” approach to mobilize their systems across manufacturing, utilities, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals and many other industries. Kony offers a unified solution that supports sophisticated integration and the complete lifecycle of mobile applications. Three key integration options include SkyMobile, SAP NetWeaver® Gateway services, and SAP® Java Connector (JCo). These integration options, coupled with our packaged business integration modules, provide the optimal solution for mobilizing all aspects of your business, from mission-critical enterprise applications, to lightweight productivity solutions.

Key benefits

  • A unified solution. Kony’s multi-channel experience platform addresses a complete SDLC to design, develop, test, deploy, and manage apps. The platform enables you to deliver multi-channel native, HTML5/HTML4, and hybrid applications from a single code base.
  • SkyMobile. TheSky Technologies SkyMobile platform, designed for use with SAP NetWeaver®, provides extended support for mission-critical enterprise applications by eliminating the need for external middleware and providing sophisticated interface management and data synchronization controls. The SkyMobile SAP NetWeaver® ABAP™ add-on is certified by SAP®, helping to ensure compatibility.
  • Enterprise-grade security. Built-in identity management, data encryption, network session controls, certificate management, and SSO options ensure that your mobile data and business processes are secure.
  • Proven scalability. With hundreds of large, global mobile deployments, our unified platform has the proven ability to scale and provide high availability and DRP options.

Flexible integration options

Three different integration options are provided to ensure maximum compatibility, flexibility and reliability depending on the type and critical nature of your mobile application. They are:

  • SkyMobile 
  • SAP NetWeaver® Gateway connector
  • SAP® Java Connector (JCo)


The Sky Technologies SkyMobile  solution designed for use with SAP NetWeaver® is certified by SAP® to help ensure compatibility with releases and compliance with standards. It is a complete solution (as opposed to just a connector), designed to support mission-critical enterprise applications requiring high levels of security, management, scalability and complexity. It has a SAP NetWeaver® ABAP™ add-on component that provides sophisticated interface management and data synchronization controls, thus eliminating the need for external middleware, which tends to be the major bottleneck for performance and scalability issues. SkyMobile Data Objects may be explored and automatically incorporated into Kony Studio to provide efficient data synchronization and secure offline storage.


SAP NetWeaver® Gateway connector

You may integrate Kony applications with SAP NetWeaver® Gateway services to deploy lightweight, real-time productivity applets. Unlike the SkyMobile platform, this option requires an intermediate Kony server to authenticate and synchronize data with the mobile devices. You may still use the powerful SkyMobile ABAP® add-on with this option to utilize data objects and manage the interfaces.



The SAP Java Connector (JCo) provides remote function call (RFC)integration to easily invoke BAPI® and other custom functions. You can easily explore and incorporate RFC function modules from within Kony Studio. This option is well suited forreal-time solutions with a low volume of users and data. You may still use the powerful SkyMobile ABAP® add-on with this option to utilize data objects and manage the interfaces.

Packaged business integration modules

Kony enables rapid pre-built SAP mobilization by providing packaged modules that act as an effective abstraction layer from the complexities of the backend system. They consist of pre-defined objects and definitions that support deep, rich mobile functionality for a specific business process. You may customize and extend the modules as required. In our experience, over 70% of a project effort deals with integration with back-end business processes. These modules effectively reduce that effort by providing a comprehensive consistent foundation for mobile integration.

SAP NetWeaver, ABAP and BAPI are the trademark(s) or registered trademark(s) of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

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