Kony Management:
Smarter enterprise mobility management

Manage your mobile apps, devices, and content for BYOD or enterprise-owned programs with the least intrusive and most situation-aware enterprise mobility management (EMM) suite on the market.

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Enterprise-grade security for your entire mobile program

Kony Management, the EMM component of the Kony Mobility Platform, offers the most comprehensive set of tools and backend services for intelligent EMM, so you can: 

  • Secure iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows devices including email security and device policy capabilities.
  • Maximize employee productivity by deploying containerized, secured apps in a user-friendly enterprise app store.
  • Simplify administration by using an intuitive console that automates policy management.

The least intrusive, most context-aware EMM solution on the market

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Mobile device management

Kony Management's MDM solution lets you secure user devices with a broad range of features:

  • Use secure email clients for iOS and Android
  • Implement data loss prevention policies and set automated, rule-based actions for repeated policy violations
  • Restrict usage of phone features and locate, lock, wipe or reset any enrolled device
  • Set network permissions to whitelist domains, force https, and more
  • Detect jailbroken/rooted devices or malware to prevent data breaches
  • Provision and manage security certificates and VPN profiles
  • Support iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows 7.x+
  • Support Windows Server and Oracle Enterprise Linux

Mobile application management

With the Kony Management MAM solution, you can manage enterprise app security policies and usage with features that enable you to:  

  • Operate an enterprise app store to distribute private and public apps
  • Improve the user experience and simply sign on through integration with potentially multiple Active Directories
  • Provision shared storage so that enterprise apps can seamlessly use the same storage services
  • Restrict app usage based on idle timeout, geo-fencing, and more
  • Dynamically control on-device encryption policies
  • Lock, wipe, erase and expire apps on a device
  • Conduct detailed audit trails

Intelligent administration

Intelligently manage and administer your enterprise mobility program:

  • Automatically manage violation compliance
  • Use app-accessible management APIs for the finest level of control
  • Utilize an interactive management console

MDM + MAM + enterprise-wide peace of mind

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Why choose Kony Management?

Kony Management delivers intelligent tools for app, device, content, user, and policy management to support and integrate with your BYOD or enterprise mobility program, and is the only EMM suite on the market listed for National Institute of Standards (NIST) certification for FIPS 140-2. Ensure enterprise-grade security across your entire mobile program with the least intrusive and most situation-aware enterprise mobility management (EMM) suite on the market. 

Benefits for IT operations

Everything you need to manage enterprise mobility operations in a single, integrated environment:

  • Simplify administrative tasks
  • Manage your BYOD program
  • Choose features that meet your needs, like MDM and MAM

Benefits for security managers

Ensure enterprise-grade security across your entire mobile program with an MDM and MAM solution you can trust:  

  • Contain data at multiple levels
  • Rest easy with FIPS-140 grade security certification
  • Reduce mobile risks

Benefits for CIOs

Get your apps to market faster and more efficiently:

  • Accelerate the app design process
  • Reduce app development and support costs by almost 8 times
  • Maintain superior quality and satisfy all your users' BYOD needs
  • Increase adoption of your current apps and build new ones across all devices
  • Meet your users' demands today and be prepared for the future

Benefits for developers

Build powerful, secure apps and deploy them with a click:  

  • Add security to apps with no fuss
  • Add context-aware capabilities to apps with intelligent EMM APIs