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October 2016 (MobileFabric 7.2)

In this release we add the ability to leverage the NodeJS open source community to extend the capabilities of MobileFabric by enabling it to run on a NodeJS-based JavaScript runtime. We have also added a key enhancement to our API management solution that should allow customers to use the included feature for most API management use cases short of monetizing APIs with third parties.

NodeJS Support

MobileFabric services can now run on a NodeJS-based JavaScript runtime. This allows customers to extend MobileFabric’s capabilities with extensions from the NodeJS community including an array of existing integration adaptors.

Identity Management – Expanded OAuth Provider support

MobileFabric 7.2 expands support of the leading OAuth providers from the application. We now support OAuth from Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram Box, Amazon, and Yahoo.

Integration to Third-Party Identity and Authentication Providers

This release provides out-of-the-box integration to Okta (identity) and Siteminder (runtime authentication).

Storage Objects

The Storage Objects functionality released in MobileFabric 7.1 is extended in the 7.2 release to include sync support. Individual storage objects can be enabled for sync.

Logging Service for MobileFabric Services

This version adds improved logging for MobileFabric services including enhanced log capture, management, and export to third-party log management tools. This includes granular log level control and the ability to view logs in real-time.

API Management - Throttling

MobileFabric has been enhancing its API Management capabilities across many of the previous releases. This release allows customers to throttle the number of API calls or transactions made for a given API to protect against denial of service attacks and limit impacts to back-end system performance. While MobileFabric is often used with existing API management solutions, it now provides a comprehensive, stand-alone API management capability bundled in to the solution at no additional cost.

Other Enhancements

Other enhancements in the release include:

  • Support for MobileFabric on MAC OS installer
  • Enhanced publish capabilities
  • Report enhancements for app metrics data
  • Support for large binary (greater than 2-3 MB) in Object Services, Sync, and Integration
  • Non-OAuth testing
  • Administrative server console UX enhancements
  • Enhancements to Engagement Services templates

July 2016 (MobileFabric 7.1)

With this update, we build on the MobileFabric 7.0 release with the addition of Storage Objects and improved integration with JavaScript functions. Storage Objects can greatly simplify application development by providing a dedicated application database running in MobileFabric. The JavaScript integrations accelerate development by allowing developers to leverage existing JavaScript functions or create new capabilities in JavaScript. Other new capabilities include:

Storage Objects

With Storage Objects, applications can run off of a MySQL database running as part of the MobileFabric runtime. It includes an Object Services user interface to allow the database structure and operation to be configured from the MobileFabric console. The ability to quickly define and configure an application database without integration beyond MobileFabric can make creating utility mobile applications very quick and easy.

Engagement Server UX Enhancements

Incorporated customer-requested user experience enhancements for various Engagement pages and functions including:

  • Ad hoc and Events Page
  • Push messaging counts on Status page
  • User import, error reporting, and message templating
  • Additional Android Push Message options
  • Event and GeoBoundary API enhancements

JavaScript Connector

The enhanced JavaScript connector enables creation of integration service operations from JavaScript Functions. JavaScript files can be uploaded as JavaScript Functions and can be mapped in the MobileFabric Console. Developers can now use existing JavaScript functions or extend those functions and easily incorporate and expose them to mobile applications with all the added functions provided by MobileFabric.

Telemetry Improvements

Telemetry capabilities have been improved for on-premises implementations to provide environment details for support cases.

Mobile App for Analytics

A mobile application is now available that allows users to view standard and custom reports, save favorites, invite new users, and manage existing users.

Identity Management – OAuth Testing, AD on Azure, and Single Sign-On

MobileFabric 7.1 improvements to the existing Identity Management feature include the ability to easily test OAuth2 Identity configurations with the ability to login when testing integration. The release also adds a new generic LDAP identity connector and a connector for Active Directory on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Finally, application Single Sign-On (SSO) has been added. In this case an authorized user that has logged on to an initial application can then have the same valid token used for other applicable applications without a unique sign-on.

Launchpad Internationalization

The MobileFabric Launchpad function has been i18n-enabled for easier internationalization of Launchpad content.

Additional MobileFabric 7.1 Release Information

Refer to the MobileFabric 7.1 Release Notes for additional information on the contents of the release.
See the release notes ›

February 2016 (MobileFabric 7.0)

With this release we introduce a new Kony MobileFabric Object Services capability. This initial release of Object Services makes it much easier and faster to either define or automatically generate an application data model from a set of backend data sources. With the new Object Services feature it is easy to create new microservices that can be shared between applications or mapped to new backend data sources. The major new capabilities of MobileFabric 7.0 are described below.

Object Services

MobileFabric Object Services allows users to define or automatically generate an application data model from a set of backend data sources. This includes defining attributes and relationships, visual mapping of the data model to backend objects, and custom mapping and extensions for complex mapping. This includes enhanced support for SAP plus SDK support for Kony Visualizer/Studio and PhoneGap.

API Versioning

With our API management service you can now define, track, and call different versions of a given API integration service. Save as a new major or minor version, clone versions, and document version history. Leverage different API versions for different deployed apps.

Amazon AWS Gateway Integration

With this release we added integration to Amazon AWS Gateway. AWS Gateway provides integration to a range of AWS services including Cognito, Dynamo, Kinesis, Lambda, and S3. The combination of AWS and Kony can provide a powerful solution for IoT or hybrid use cases.

Windows (C#) SDK Support

We have added native support for the Windows SDK making it even easier to leverage client applications built in Visual Studio, Xamarin, or other Windows-based development tools.

Internet of Things (IoT) Support

With this release we add support for the CoAP protocol (both secure and non-secure) to enable support for IoT devices. We also can extend support to MQTT and HTTP 1.1 protocols via our integration with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Gateway to their IoT services capabilities.

Security and Authentication Enhancements

We have added support for OAuth 2.0 and SiteMinder to enhance security and authentication capabilities.

MobileFabric 7.0 Installer

The release includes a unified installer that allows on-premises deployment of all of the required MobileFabric 7.0 components from a single interface. The MobileFabric Installer is available for either Linux or Windows.

Role-Based Access Control Enhancements

This release allows for more granular role-based access control for services and apps including the definition of a no access, a read-only access, and a full access user.

Additional Support Enhancements
  • Angular JS updated from 1.2.2 to 1.4.4.
  • Support for JPush notification.
  • Support for JS pre/post processor.
  • Support to Sync to DB.
  • Support for Active MQ and Java 1.8 on WebLogic, Tomcat, and JBoss.
  • Support for constant and expression scope for HTTP headers.
  • Support for propagating cookies flown from device to backend.
Additional MobileFabric 7.0 Release Information

Refer to the MobileFabric 7.0 Release Notes for additional information on the contents of the release.
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July 2015 (MobileFabric 6.5)

API Management

Build mobile-optimized APIs separately for your app development teams. The common mobile services you build can be shared between apps. With the new API management views, you can view which apps the APIs are associated with.

First-time User Experience

MobileFabric 6.5 makes the console easier to use for first-time users with a new functional flow that mirrors the software development life cycle. Resources and documents available in the console help first-time users build their first mobile app on MobileFabric.

On-Premises Infrastructure Deployments

To streamline on-premises deployments, Kony has added a MobileFabric consolidated installer that simplifies the process for your infrastructure setup. The MobileFabric installer manages the core MobileFabric console install as well as Identity, Integration, and Orchestration services. Kony MobileFabric Sync and Kony MobileFabric Messaging have separate server installers in this release but these installers will be combined with the MobileFabric installer after the 6.5 general release.

Analytics Enhancements

MobileFabric’s powerful analytics services are now available on-premises. Take advantage of all of the out-of-box standard reports (as users do on Kony Cloud), or define your own custom reports and metrics for your native or Kony applications. You can auto-capture events to support journey analysis and supply reports for event analysis. You can also auto-capture JavaScript and native layer exceptions and crashes.

Mobile App Management (MAM) as a Service

Kony’s powerful and secure app management capabilities are available as a new MobileFabric service. Kony’s MAM services use the same fundamental MobileFabric components such as the console and identity on-premise. Easily distribute the apps you have built. Publish your MobileFabric app directly into your enterprise app store, or take advantage of intelligent MAM policies within your application

Identity Service Enhancements

A number of key updates to the MobileFabric identity service including:

  • Export an app from development, and push the app to a test environment.
  • Maintain consistency in app definition between environments.
  • MobileFabric on-premises now uses Active Directory and CA SiteMinder for console login.
  • Support Custom Authentication – If you need support or a third party or custom identity provider, this feature helps you to connect the chosen identity mechanism you desire.
  • Develop apps using Facebook for authentication, in addition to the existing support for Active Directory, SAML, SAP, and Salesforce identity providers.

Kony MobileFabric Messaging Enhancements

MobileFabric messaging brings a unique mobile perspective and creates an integrated solution that works well with the both traditional campaign channels (email, SMS, and more) and the latest campaign channels including iOS Passbook and desktop for rich and context-based push notifications enhancements including:

  • Two-way SMS capabilities allowing users to take action upon notifications.
  • Richer user experience within the messaging console.
  • Campaign enhancements – priority definition, repeat messaging, and more.
Additional MobileFabric 6.5 Release Information

Refer to the MobileFabric 6.5 Online Help page to access Release Notes for additional information on the contents of the release.

Prior MobileFabric Version Release Information

Refer to the Kony Documents page for either Cloud or On-Premises versions of the product for information on prior releases of MobileFabric.
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