Comprehensive App Services & DevOps


  • Integrated with MobileFabric® to provide access to powerful backend Identity, Integration, Orchestration, Sync, and Engagement services.

  • Built-in efficiency from component and services re-use on the front and back-end.

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Backend services accelerate delivery, reuse & maintenance

One of the biggest challenges in the creation of any mobile application is gaining access to data from your backend systems, and then being able to transform
or optimize that data set for a mobile device. Mobile Optimization means that you need to be able to take what might be a large data set, and parse through only what is relevant for display on a much smaller form factor and in an environment that is often characterized by limited or intermittent network connectivity.

Integration & Assembly

Kony’s MobileFabric® eliminates the complexity of mobile app development resulting in a faster, more efficient assembly process. Using MobileFabric greatly simplifies your backend integration and eliminates maintenance costs by providing an open and extensible framework to integrate seamlessly with your existing IT investments.

Model Driven Application Development

Kony’s MobileFabric Object Services extends beyond traditional mobile backend services by enabling a model-driven application development (MDAD) approach for the accelerating the development of applications, providing:

  • 60% improvement in developer productivity
  • Effective design, reusability and object level testing
  • Controlled extensibility
  • Dynamic runtime configuration
  • Improved support end-to-end diagnostics/analytics

These benefits don’t just apply to the initial release of the app, subsequent releases are also three to four times faster, and new apps can be delivered more quickly and more efficiently.

Micro-Services Deployment Model

Kony MobileFabric uses a micro-services deployment model where each MobileFabric service including object services is deployed as a separate entity that can be configured, published, updated, and managed independently. These services can be deployed once and reused across multiple applications.