Kony Studio:
Mobile app development built for the enterprise

Discover the only enterprise-grade platform for developing and deploying HTML5, native, or hybrid mobile apps using open and standards-based tools.

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One code base. Endless possibilities.

Kony Studio's IDE software offers a wide range of features to help you build no-compromise native, web, and hybrid apps for phones, tablets, desktops, and the Internet of Things from a single code base.

Deliver unique app experiences across all channels by using JavaScript to incorporate user interface and backend services:

  • Reuse cloud-based logic, service integration, and assets across channels
  • Design, build, and test new channels in 80% less time
  • Define unique experiences for mobile and desktop
  • Leverage loose coupling between user experience client logic and cloud-based services

Cross-platform mobile development without compromise

Create rich, web, native, and hybrid apps from a single code base with Studio's cross-platform mobile development toolset:

  • Support over 10,000+ smartphones, feature phones, and tablets
  • Build natively for Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry
  • Fully support all native browsers
  • Create rich, native UIs across form factors

Complete support for cutting-edge web apps

Build next-generation web apps from a single code base within the IDE software:

  • Build for desktop, tablet, and mobile web
  • Employ responsive web design
  • Integrate with existing JSP and .NET infrastructure
  • Generate self-contained web apps that execute locally on the device (single-page architecture)
  • Comply with HTML5 and CSS3 standards
  • Leverage third-party frameworks like JQuery

Fast, flexible features for enterprise-grade apps

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Developer tools and features

Develop multi-edge apps faster with fewer iterations using Studio's cross-platform development tools:

  • Use form, service, data mapping, and event designers
  • Apply a consistent or custom user experience across channels
  • Design for both native and web simultaneously with cross-platform mobile development
  • Choose from an extensive library of static and animated native and web widgets
  • Position and layer pixel perfect widgets and scale across device form factors
  • Configure powerful native properties without coding
  • Build gestures like drag, scroll, and rotate in 2D and 3D with animation APIs
  • Support parallel threads for any non-UI related background jobs
  • Use declarative markup to define projects, models, views, controllers, and styling

JavaScript code editor

Use your existing JavaScript skills in the Kony Studio IDE to write and create web, native, and hybrid apps:

  • Explicitly write code as needed instead of drag-and-drop
  • Use intellisense to speed up coding
  • Import and export native code for reuse within the IDE software
  • Categorize JS files (both generated and hand coded) into functional modules
  • Define and dynamically load modules (behind RequireJS)

Enterprise services integration designer

Leverage point-and-click integration from the Studio IDE software to your enterprise systems through Kony MobileFabric:

  • Discover all available services and business objects within enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc.
  • Map backend fields directly into your app
  • Test connections immediately for data accuracy
  • Define custom web service fields specific to your app
  • Leverage simplified APIs with standardized widget properties, exceptions, propagations, and more

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Auto preview

Instantly preview your app without compiling code:

  • Instantly preview your apps on phones, tablets, and desktop devices
  • See your fully functional app – no need to compile
  • Share your app with reviewers through the cloud

Native code import and reuse

Easily incorporate custom code and open, third party libraries:

  • Use an import wizard for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows code
  • Incorporate device peripherals such as near field communications (NFC), barcodes, signature capture, and Bluetooth
  • Leverage a single JavaScript cloud API to access custom code

Build, debug, deploy

Improve app quality, speed time to market, and keep your apps running with minimal disruption:

  • Create Apple IPA, Google APK, Blackberry COD, and other native binaries
  • Distribute apps via public and enterprise apps stores
  • Leverage a multi-edge native and web platform debugger
  • Record and replay service simulator
  • Profile your app to discover performance issues
  • Integrate with well-known APM libraries and tools, including Crittercism, NewRelic, AppDynamics, Crashlytics, and more

The IDE the enterprise has been waiting for

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Why choose Kony Studio?

  • Cross-platform development tool means one code base for native, HTML5 web, and hybrid apps
  • Develop apps for phones, tablets, desktops, and the Internet of Things without compromise
  • Open, standard, and non-proprietary
  • Guaranteed support for all new devices and OS updates
  • Integrated with existing enterprise services and data through Kony MobileFabric
  • Leverage the cloud to plug in to your existing security and management infrastructure

Benefits for app developers

Deliver innovative apps in a flash with next-gen IDE software:

  • Leverage open standards and a single JavaScript code base to build cross-platform app experiences for any device
  • Get to market as fast as possible without sacrificing quality
  • Leverage tools that you already know and use
  • Easily integrate with your backend and third-party systems through Kony MobileFabric

Benefits for IT admins

Reduce the pressure on your infrastructure:

  • Kony's IDE software integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure so you have full control over the deployment and management of your apps
  • Support every device – now and in the future – through a single, integrated, cross-platform development environment

Benefits for CIOs

Leave the technology to us, while you focus on your business:

  • Reduce maintenance and support costs with a single code base that optimizes reuse
  • Satisfy all the BYOD needs of your organization
  • Ensure your mobile strategy is always ready for tomorrow

Benefits for business owners

Strengthen your brand and stay ahead of the competition:

  • Build richer, more dynamically connected apps that increase customer and employee loyalty
  • Deliver your message to more devices, in the fastest time possible, at an affordable price

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