Your app design is throw all of your work away.

Destry Gustin

The trials and tribulations of a single red button

A single red button: On paper, designing one does not seem overly complicated. You simply need to create the shape, add some text, fill in the color, and voila!

In a multi-channel world, things are a little more complicated. 

Apple’s CarPlay: Driving changes for the automotive industry

Jonathan Quayle

Here it is – the gloves are off. The next battleground for our operating system Goliath has been set. Apple has struck the first blow with its 'pictorial' launch of CarPlay within its 7.1 release of iOS.

'So what’s new, Jon?' I hear you ask. Manufacturers have being making strategic alliances and investments in this type of technology over the last few years. iDrive for BMW, COMMAND for Mercedes, and Audi’s MMI all come to mind as the more predominant form factors, as well as embedded M2M systems.  

CIO survey: 1 in 4 have no mobile strategy

Joe Schwartz

Robert Half Technology recently released the results from a survey of over 2300 CIOs from 23 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. Their responses on mobile strategy provide an interesting look into the state of mobility across the country today.

Not everyone is on the mobile app bandwagon

Top 10 tweets on #mobile from #mktgnation14

Alena Bowen

Several Kony team members, myself included, attended Marketo's Marketing Nation Summit this week in San Francisco. It was a great show with a strong mix of thought leadership and product-specific content, but across every topic and agenda item, one thread kept floating to the top. You guessed it: mobile. 

App development in the cloud: 7 common snafus and how to avoid them

Dipesh Mukerji

This blog post is based on the white paper App Development in the Cloud: Advantages, Challenges, and How to Do It Right. Read the whole thing here

Recap: Designing great mobile apps from the outside-in, with Forrester’s Jeffrey Hammond

Shreya Krishnan

It’s a customer’s world and we’re all just living in it.

Infographic: 4 steps to measuring mobile ROI

Jason Evans

Want to measure the return on investment (ROI) for your mobile initiative? Start here. 

Whether you're focused on mobilizing customers or employees, this infographic covers all the bases: defining your goals, assessing costs, assigning KPIs, and reaching an ROI calculation in cold, hard numbers. Go beyond strategy with metrics and equations that prove that enterprise mobility truly adds up. 

Sympathy for the devil: How mobility will improve business-IT alignment

Niamh Madigan

Please allow me to introduce myself…

How well do you know your CIO or IT Director? How well does your CIO know you? How often do you see any member of your IT department? And is your organisation fully up to speed when it comes to understanding the current strategies and objectives of your IT team?

Case study: Fortune 500 insurance company reduces app development time by over 50%

Alena Bowen

The Fortune 500 insurance company in our latest case study snapshot required fast app development and deployment and simple integration to its back-end systems in order to put out consumer-facing apps that its users would love. Kony fit the bill. This insurance company chose Kony to lower costs, increase efficiency, speed up development time, and create a better user experience, and accomplished all of the above.

Innovator Series: Accelerating the sales pipeline at PwC

Michele Floriani

The latest installment of our Kony Innovator Series features Axel Fiedler, the IT advisory lead for SAP, CRM, and mobility at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). He is confronting the twin challenges of an IT leader: modernizing a mission-critical enterprise application while simultaneously mobilizing key functions for knowledge workers.