8 factors that affect mobile app development pricing

Amit Aghara

Mobile apps are powerful drivers of traffic, increasing advertising, sales, and growth. A recent study by Harvard Business School shows that Americans spend over three hours per day on mobile devices, and purchases from mobile devices are up 18 percent in the last year alone. This trend shows no signs of slowing; businesses are smart to harness the growth potential of mobile apps.

The rise of contextual mobility

Vijai Shankar

At this point in the game, it's clear that mobile is the future. It's outpacing PCs by leaps and bounds, and will be the primary form of accessing the Internet, performing tasks, and acquiring information moving forward.  This means that the questions is no longer "Why Mobile?" Businesses now need to ask how exactly mobile can help meet their objectives, and how they should best evolve their mobile systems.

How to prepare for the Internet of Things

Dipesh Mukerji

By now you've probably heard that the "next platform" is to be known as the "Internet of Things" (IoT): A boundless utopia of delectable interconnected devices constantly absorbing and oozing out information at a mind-boggling rate that will only serve the single purpose of making our lives better. How can anything go wrong?

Everything that you've heard is absolutely true and also completely inaccurate.

Gartner Catalyst 2014: 10 can't miss sessions for mobile and cloud aficionados (plus 2 to miss)

Matt Trevathan

Two of the hottest buzzwords in the IT community are mobile and cloud. This August's Gartner Catalyst Conference in San Diego, CA doesn’t disappoint on either front. The question isn’t whether to go (I mean come on, Bill Nye the Science Guy is going to be there!), but what sessions to prioritize.

NFC at Disney: Is this the best wearable yet?

Matt Trevathan

Businesses from banks to retailers to wireless device providers like Samsung have been working for years to figure out how to incorporate near field communication (NFC) into their products.  Many experts have looked to see when Apple would adopt NFC in their devices as a key indicator that NFC was going mainstream.  Merchants and banks have tried to imbed NFC chips in our credit cards to create contactless payments where we wave our card at a machine and it magically debits the consumer.

Tips and tricks: Application-level caching

Faizan Khalidi

In the fast-paced applications developed today, response time is a very critical factor. To improve the turn-around time for data that seldom changes, Kony supports the concept of application caching.

Developers wanted: How the Internet of Things will impact the development ecosystem

Vijai Shankar

There has been a lot of buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT) lately, starting with Google's purchase of Nest and including Facebook’s purchase of Oculus, Apple’s Carplay/Smart watch, and more. These companies are at the leading edge of a growing phenomenon. Various research has predicted that there will be nearly 50 billion devices by 2020 with a business value close to $1T.

Top 9 takeaways for enterprises from Google I/O

Burley Kawasaki

This past week at their annual I/O conference, Google made a significant number of announcements that impact the mobile community.  These spanned everything from the next version of their phone OS (“Android L”) to sweeping updates on all parts of the Android ecosystem, including phone, tablet, wearables, TV, auto, and more.

So what’s Kony’s take on these announcements? 

From SEO to ASO: How companies can increase their app's search ranking

Dipesh Mukerji

As you work through the app design and development process, your app becomes your baby. You strive to create a product that will be useful and entertaining to your target audience and attract customers deep into the sales funnel. When you're popping champagne at the app launch, your journey has only just begun.

Taking mobile insurance to the next level: How to drive user adoption and agent efficiency

May Calceta

Mobile insurance is a table stakes game: Insurance companies need to have it as part of their mobile strategy. But what does it take to get there? How can we improve customer satisfaction as well as the efficiency of insurance agents? How can we capitalize on this mobile opportunity for insurance?