Update on Shellshock vulnerability: What you need to know

Sri Ramanathan

Many of you may have heard about the “Shellshock” vulnerability that has recently been in the news. Due to an implementation bug with the bash (“Bourne-again” shell) program on many widely deployed variants of Unix, under some circumstances, user controlled input can be injected in command lines potentially opening up multiple threat vectors.

Some background information:

Meet the new face of mobile app design: Introducing Kony Visualizer 2.0

Ed Gross

Great apps put the user experience first. This fact is both intuitive, and proven; Never before have there been more apps in the commercial app stores as there are today, yet there is a 75% drop in app usage after the initial time an app is used. Clearly people are downloading apps, but three quarters of the time, the UX fails and the app returns to obscurity. Users expect great experiences, and if an app doesn't deliver, it doesn't matter what else it can do. That app, for that user, is done.

The power of the hummingbird: How to boost your enterprise mobility strategy

Thomas Biskup QuinScape

Today's guest post comes from Dr. Thomas Biskup, CEO at QuinScape GmbH.

Developing software at enterprise scale has always been a major challenge. Mobility transforms the IT landscape with tremendous speed. IT resources and specialists are stretched to the limit trying to support a multitude of devices, hardware specifications and operating systems.

From iPhone 6 to Apple Watch to iOS8 GA, Kony's got you covered

Matt Trevathan

Although the big event was last week, Apple is still making announcements: They have confirmed that the public iOS8 General Availability release will be September 17th.

5 reasons to check out Kony at Mobile Utility Week

May Calceta

Mobile Utility Week has arrived! We had a great session this morning with ComEd, and are really looking forward to more interesting speakers and topics tomorrow. 

Big screens and watches and payments, oh my: Analysis of Apple's big announcements

Dipesh Mukerji

As usual, the hype surrounding yesterday’s Apple announcement was deafening (I’m reminded of Lebron James' "The Decision" announcement.) There were weeks and weeks of speculation as to what might be debuted, but unlike previous Apple events, the world wasn’t quite sure what Apple would announce. This was perhaps the most uncertain and mystery-filled announcement since the 2010 iPad launch.

CEO corner: Gartner Magic Quadrant recognizes Kony's vision and execution

Tom Hogan

Last week marked an exciting milestone at Kony. Gartner published its annual 2014 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms, and Kony was named a Leader for the second year in a row.

This is a strong recognition of both Kony’s vision and our ability to execute on our strategy to deliver great enterprise mobility solutions to our family of partners and customers. Some of the key achievements from the past year that we believe contributed to our success include:

Case study: Professional services company reduces app development time by 50-74%

Alena Bowen

Today's case study comes from a professional services firm that needed a solution to more effectively build both B2C (business-to-customer) and B2E (business-to-employee) mobile applications.

Introducing Kony MobileFabric, MADP + MBaaS + PaaS in one

Burley Kawasaki

If you live and breathe mobile technology like we do at Kony, you are no doubt familiar with the fact that we live in a world of acronyms.

How to use push notifications to their full potential

Matt Trevathan

With an overwhelming number of mobile devices in use throughout the world, apps are a great tool to reach new customers and maintain contact with existing clients. However, as users become savvier with technology, they're learning how to turn off push notifications and updates. This disconnects the line of direct communication between the company and the client.

In this new landscape, how can businesses create push notifications that users won't want to disable to improve app usage and downloads?

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