Mobile applications for water utilities ›

Since Apple launched the iPhone, the explosive growth in “smart” mobile devices and consumer applications over the past 9 years has been phenomenal. With that growth has come huge opportunities for companies to make dramatic changes to both the way they work and how they engage with staff, business partners, and customers.

The question I’d like to look at is where can water companies use mobile applications, and what sort benefits may be achieved?

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Kony Visualizer: now with pre-integrated support for the AWS Mobile Services ›

A couple of weeks ago we announced the launch of Kony Visualizer® 7.2, along with the new omni-channel Kony Nitro™ engine.

Today, we’re even more excited to announced that in partnership with Amazon we have added the new ability to allow Kony Visualizer to rapidly build mobile apps backed by AWS. 

So what does this mean for you?

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Introducing Kony Nitro ›

With our Kony Mobility Platform 7.2 release, we have introduced many new and exciting capabilities to both Kony Visualizer® and Kony MobileFabric®, such as support for web and open source technologies (e.g. Cordova, Angular, Node.js), direct access to Native APIs from JavaScript, automatic back-end storage objects, and much more. Among the new features we’re most excited about, though, is the introduction of the Kony Nitro™ Engine, which will enable mobile app developers to deliver apps with uncompromised speed, agility control, and richer user experiences.

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Bots are a compliment to apps--not a replacement ›

A lot more people have been talking about bots recently and I keep hearing different views about it from different people. A few think that bots are going to just replace apps (in a few or all areas) wherein all the work can be done over text/chat/voice that is currently done using apps. I have always wondered as to how can that be possible and thought of writing this post to hear what others have to say about it.

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Antiquated Systems Leave a Lasting Legacy ›

For a lot of service organizations, the ability to update legacy systems in order to meet the needs of today’s technician and customer is a long and tedious process. Companies aren’t always willing to invest in infrastructure and technology upgrades, and finding talent sometimes seems like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But the best-in-class companies know that embracing today’s technology—and looking towards the future—is the best way to not only ensure customer satisfaction, but to retain those customers and increase profits.

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Introducing Visualizer 7.1 ›

Today we are excited to announce the release of Kony Visualizer 7.1. This critical product update improves upon the release of the award-winning Visualizer 7.0 from earlier this year, providing developers and designers with even more tools than before.

The updates we’re most excited to share with you are Watch OS2 Support, App Preview Enhancements, and Productivity Enhancements.

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Water Deregulation In the UK--How Mobile Can Help ›

Over the past several years I’ve worked with various utility companies, and I see the upcoming deregulation of the water utilities representing both a challenge and an opportunity for companies both within, and outside of this sector. The timetable for the deregulation is 2017 for business customers and 2020 for consumers.

So what can the water sector expect? Fortunately, the energy sector went through this nearly 20 years ago in 1998 and the lessons learnt from that activity can be used to make some educated guesses on what the future holds for the water industry.

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The Digital Banking Topics You Need to Know About ›

At last month’s Digital Banking Summit, hundreds of people in the banking industry and vendors that serve the industry, gathered in New Orleans to talk about the future of digital banking. We had several opportunities to attend sessions and talk with fellow attendees, and the primary topic on everyone’s minds was user experience (UX).

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Apple WWDC recap and a peek ahead ›

On 13th June, at their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote, Apple announced quite a number of exciting innovations including the announcement of iOS 10 and WatchOS 3. iOS 10 and WatchOS 3 provide developers many new APIs and features to build innovative and exciting new phone, tablet, and watch applications.

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Committed to Lead and Innovate ›

In case you missed it last week, Kony has been named a Leader in the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADP).

As the largest independent MADP provider, Kony has been recognized for our continued focus on innovation, leadership, and strong execution globally, with significant advancements in both our Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute.

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Kony again named a leader in mobile application development platforms by Gartner ›

June 15, marked an exciting milestone at Kony. Gartner published its annual 2016 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms, and Kony was named a Leader for the fourth year in a row.

We believe this is a strong recognition of both Kony’s vision and our ability to execute on our strategy to deliver great enterprise mobility solutions to our valued partners and customers. Some of the key achievements from the past year that we think contributed to our success include:

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The rise of the integrated bots ›

While writing this article, I’m checking in to my flight to the USA tomorrow. Instead of using the airliner’s website or app for the check-in, I’m able to use the KLM bot that is integrated in Facebook Messenger.

For this use-case it’s just the beginning—imagine that you can interact with the Bot to get answers to most of the questions that you normally ask the customer service team via phone or social media. Relevancy, intelligence & integration are the key components for a successful Bot.

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Mobile Expert Interviews with Kevin Benedict ›

Kony recently attended Sapphire Now, and while there had a chance to interact not only with customers, but also with other field services and mobility experts. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to be interviewed by Kevin Benedict, Senior Analyst at Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work, about current trends in the enterprise and consumer mobility markets and how digital transformation is driving the marketplace.

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What’s next for retail banking? ›

We’ve had phone, web, and now mobile banking allowing people access to their money, their transactions, and their savings from anywhere with a network signal. So what’s next, apart from more of the same?

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App development should be democratized ›

What people tend to enjoy most about a good mobile app is its simplicity—it does a few important things very well.

So why do we let ourselves get bogged down in complexity, rather than turning simple ideas into working business apps? With a little encouragement, most employees could brainstorm dozens of ideas for apps that would make their lives easier and the workplace more efficient.

Certainly, many entrepreneurs have great ideas for apps but no idea how to create them. All that is required to unleash those ideas is the reassurance that they are achievable.

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Kony/AWS Hack Day: Drones, Dots and a Sushi Spot ›

Kony is super excited to team up with AWS for another AWS Hack Day on Thursday, June 9, at the AWS Pop-Up Loft in San Francisco. Rather than learning the nuts and bolts of mobile app development and data integration one-by-one, you will get hands-on on our new Kony WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mobilize) development environment and create a functional cross-channel (desktop/mobile/wearable) app--connecting to backend systems--up to 50% faster.

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Sapphire Now + ASUG Annual Conference ›

Kony will be at Sapphire Now, will you?

Next week is Sapphire Now, the world’s largest global technology event, and Kony will be there. Stop by our booth (#1089) for demos of all of our new product releases, including our brand new field services app. We’ll also have giveaways, Kony experts, and leaders in the mobile technology space.

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State of IoT Security - Q&A ›

IoT Security is a huge topic these days, and one that's becoming increasingly important as we become more and more connected to our devices. But how do you make sure all those connections are secure? I recently sat down with Aaron Bryson, Kony's Chief Security Architect and Product Security Manager, and asked him a few questions about IoT Security.

Q: How big of a problem will a lack of security with IoT devices be?

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Mobile Innovation beyond April Fool’s Day ›

No surprise, that you should beware of beliving in news that breaks on April 1st. While I had to play along with everything from my 8 year old daughter (who did, conservatively, 10+ pranks on me during the day, all pretty harmless) to a colleague abandoning a promising IT career in favor of something completely different (not to disregard the art and profession of breakdancing, which he chose, in any way), some news related to how enterprises considered innovating, oftentimes related to either using or not using mobile technologies.

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10 tips for creating secure mobile apps ›

Everyone is using mobile these days, from the registration form at your doctor’s office to the cable technician in the field to the mom and pop shop at the farmer’s market. While mobile has definitely opened up a world of possibilities for large and small businesses alike, it’s also opened those businesses up to increased security threats.

Fun fact: Gartner predicts that by 2017, 75% of mobile security breaches will be because of app misconfiguration.

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Kony/AWS Hackathon: Drones, Dots and a Sushi Spot ›

Kony is super excited to team up with AWS for an AWS Hack Day on Wednesday, March 23, at the AWS Pop-Up Loft in San Francisco. Rather than learning the nuts and bolts of mobile app development and data integration one-by-one, you will get hands-on on our new Kony WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mobilize) development environment and create a functional cross-channel (desktop/mobile/wearable) app--connecting to backend systems--up to 50% faster.

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5 Quick Tips on Jumping into an IoT Project ›

I compiled a short list of five tips to help you jump into the IoT world. If your company is thinking about starting an IoT Project, here are a few considerations to help get you started.

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Join Kony at Developer Week 2016 ›

DeveloperWeek 2016 is San Francisco’s largest one-week tech event with over 60 events including the 2016 Conference and Expo, Hackathon, Hiring Mixer, and dozens of other city-wide partner events. It’s a great opportunity to explore all new dev technologies, with conferences and workshops ranging from intro level to advanced, on topics such as HTML 5, Python, Javascript, Robotics, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Mobile.

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Is there a "One Technology to Rule them All" in Enterprise Mobility? ›

Did you ever consider the built-in paradox of "Enterprise Mobility"? On one hand, mobile apps and mobile technologies are changing at an increasingly rapid speed, while on the other hand enterprises require technology that supports their needs for stability, security, scalability, governance.

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Kony in Gartner Symposium 2015 Barcelona ›

This year for Gartner Symposium 2015 in Barcelona, Spain we will be at Booth #919 showing custom demos of all of our mobility solutions. After watching the demos make sure to enter in the drawing for an Apple watch. This year, Kony will be showcasing

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Kony's Involvement in Gartner Symposium 2015  ›

This year for Gartner Symposium 2015 in Orlando, FL we will be at Booth #322 showing custom demos of all of our mobility solutions. After watching the demos make sure to enter in the drawing for an Apple watch. This year, Kony is focused on 3 key initiatives for our demo:

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Kony MobileFabric Emerges as a “Leader” with the Highest Overall Score for Strength of Offerings in New Forrester Research Report ›

At Kony, we’ve worked hard to not only keep up with mobile technology and trends, but to help drive them. That’s one of the reasons that we’re thrilled with the recognition by Forrester Research of Kony’s leadership in the Forrester Wave for Mobile Infrastructure Services report that was just released.  Not only was Kony named a “Leader”, but Kony MobileFabric also received the highest overall ranking for strength of current offerings scoring higher than IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. Very excited to drive mobile innovation for our customers and proud of our entire product team!

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7 best practices for securing your IoT devices ›

As a software developer and product manager, it is imperative to think about security first when designing a product that will be attached to the internet. From wearables to home controllers, I am not surprised to see articles published about simple security holes that hackers find to bypass logins, hijack sessions or tamper with a controller or web interface on an IoT device.

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Gartner recognizes Kony as the most visionary “Leader” in the MADP Magic Quadrant Report ›

The new 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms report was officially released this week, and we’re thrilled that Kony was named a Leader for the third year in a row.

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Celebrating mobile freedom: MobileFabric comes to AWS Marketplace ›

In the next few months, countries around the world will celebrate their freedom. In the United States, we just finished the long July 4th holiday weekend, a time of fireworks, much eating and drinking, and overall merriment and celebration. France looks forward to Bastille Day next week, India’s Independence Day is coming up in August, and Mexico and Brazil celebrate in September. Each of these holidays comes with its own traditions, but they all have one thing in common: the recognition and celebration of independence, autonomy, and the ability to choose your own path.

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We love you, Europe: A report from Kony World Frankfurt ›

Last week, Kony hosted our Kony World event in Frankfurt, Germany. Kony World was the third event held in Europe last week and further demonstrated Kony’s intention and commitment to provide enterprise solutions across the region. The week’s highlight was Kony’s CEO, Thomas Hogan appearing on UK CNN and discussing the rise of mobility software and the need for enterprises to mobilize as fast as they can.

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Citrix and Kony accelerate business mobilization with the Kony Enterprise Mobility Platform and XenMobile ›

You’ve probably heard the saying “mobile is eating the world.” It’s also creating tremendous opportunities for enterprises today. Leading organizations across the globe are adopting mobility to drive transformation within their organization and competitive advantage in the market. In addition, we have seen many organizations successfully use mobility as a catalyst for business process innovation. Today, enterprise mobile apps are no longer a “nice to have.” It has now become a strategic imperative for businesses to effectively compete in this new mobile era.

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