Kony’s Employee Self Service Solution enables and modernizes your digital workplace by mobilizing your employees with a comprehensive suite of HR/HCM micro apps. 

Let us show you how the most powerful and scalable RESTful interface on the planet can be used to mobilize SAP Business Suite®. Used by hundreds of customers globally, this proven SAP certi ed technology works inside SAP to ensure the maximum performance of mobile transactions, while ensuring the integrity and security of your system.

Kony Visualizer is a cross-platform application development toolset that enables you to design natively, deploy universally, and change once, change everywhere.

Learn how your dispatch, technician, and repair staff can complete jobs more efficiently by using the Kony Field Service app, which streamlines activities such as scheduling, order completion, and invoice management.

Learn more about Kony MobileFabric, the only unified MADP, MBaaS, API management, and PaaS infrastructure available as a single, open, and standards-based platform.

Get all the details on the Kony Visualizer, including features, functionality, integrations, and more.

Learn how the Kony Sales for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) app empowers your field reps to accelerate sales, streamline processes, and maximize the effectiveness of each visit.

Get all the details on Kony Messaging Service, an enterprise-grade mobile messaging solution with a marketer-oriented approach to campaign management. This tech brief includes common use cases, work flows, and information about all of KMS's business-first features.