Data Sheets

Datasheet: Kony Modeler ›

Assemble, configure, and customize apps using your choice of click or code technology with Kony Modeler, the app development solution built just for business users.

Datasheet: Kony Experience Cloud ›

Get to know the Kony Experience Cloud, a suite of products and cloud services that help you quickly create remarkable web and mobile experiences.

Datasheet: Kony CRM  ›

Learn more about Kony CRM, the ready-to-run app that empowers your sales team any time, anywhere. 

Datasheet: Kony Workflow ›

Learn more about Kony Workflow, the ready-to-run app that increases productivity, automates processes, and accelerates approvals.

Datasheet: Kony HR ›

Discover Kony HR, the ready-to-run app that standardizes processes, drives efficiencies, and optimizes your employees' experience.