Data Sheets

Kony Sales for Consumer Packaged Goods ›

Learn how the Kony Sales for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) app empowers your field reps to accelerate sales, streamline processes, and maximize the effectiveness of each visit.

Tech brief: Kony Messaging Services ›

Get all the details on Kony Messaging Service, an enterprise-grade mobile messaging solution with a marketer-oriented approach to campaign management. This tech brief includes common use cases, work flows, and information about all of KMS's business-first features.

Datasheet: Kony Marketplace ›

Learn more about Kony Marketplace, the online app exchange that supports the most comprehensive ecosystem of pre-built apps, accelerators, modules, and components for rapid app configuration and assembly. 

Datasheet: Kony Studio ›

Get to know Kony Studio, the only integrated offering that allows you to develop next-gen native, multi-edge HTML5, and hybrid applications on a single code base.

Datasheet: Kony MobileFabric ›

Learn more about Kony MobileFabric, the only unified MADP, MBaaS, API management, and PaaS infrastructure available as a single, open, and standards-based platform.

Datasheet: Kony Modeler ›

Assemble, configure, and customize apps using your choice of click or code technology with Kony Modeler, the app development solution built just for business users.

Datasheet: Kony Workflow ›

Learn more about Kony Workflow, the ready-to-run app that increases productivity, automates processes, and accelerates approvals.

Datasheet: Kony HR ›

Discover Kony HR, the ready-to-run app that standardizes processes, drives efficiencies, and optimizes your employees' experience.