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Forrester: Closing the Experience Gaps ›

Improving customer experience is now the No. 1 priority of business executives. And as Forrester’s revised Customer Experience Index makes clear, simply meeting needs is not enough to deliver effective, easy, enjoyable customer experiences. Instead, firms must overcome experience gaps in performance, convenience, personalization, and trust by adopting a new experience architecture and philosophy. Fastmoving customer teams in eBusiness, marketing, and customer experience eagerly adopt software that closes the gaps. 

5 Steps to Great Apps: How to Build an Enterprise Mobility Strategy ›

Mobile strategies can no longer be simple add-ons or afterthoughts. Operating in mobile time – the speed, ability and connectivity to do business, anywhere and everywhere – is here to stay. Now is your chance to learn how to become a mobile-time enterprise. 5 Steps to Great Apps will outline the steps you need to consider when becoming a mobile-time enterprise. It will also help you create an enterprise mobility strategy that will move your business forward!

The 5 Steps to Great Apps ebook will show you how to:

The Essential Mobility Guidebook: 10 New Rules for Mobile Strategy and Success ›


The mobile revolution is transforming how your customers, partners,

and employees experience your enterprise.It’s essential that business

and technology leaders drive this transformation. Mobilizing your enterprise

can create competitive advantages and allow users to experience your

products, services or solutions anywhere, any time and on any device.

2014 Gartner Mobile Application Development Platform Critical Capabilities Report ›

Gartner recently released the Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) Critical Capabilities report as a supplement to the 2014 Magic Quadrant Mobile Application Development Platform report. The report takes a closer look at key platforms and their currently shipping features and functionality.  In addition to being named a 2014 Gartner MQ Leader, Kony also received the highest scores in 3 out of 4 use cases outlined in the MADP Critical Capabilities report. For those evaluating development platforms in the short term, this report is a must-read.

Micro Apps, Metrics, and Mobile-First: The Business-Friendly Approach to Mobile Strategy ›

Mobile strategy is a business proposition. So why does the app conversation always get bogged down in technology?

Escape the tech talk with “Micro Apps, Metrics, and Mobile-First: The Business-Friendly Approach to Mobile Strategy.” This white paper written just for business users addresses several new strategies that make it easier, faster, and cheaper to mobilize your business processes. Topics covered include:

Forrester: Mobile Needs a Four-Tier Engagement Platform ›

According to Forrester, mobile is pushing aging web architectures to the brink. The new, multi-edge reality demands a new paradigm: A distributed, four-tier architecture focused on experience and engagement.

So how can companies migrate successfully from three tiers to four? Read this report to find out. Topics covered include:

Mobile Apps for Field Service: Proven Strategies from Roll-Out to ROI ›

Mobile apps can deliver tremendous benefits to field service teams across industries. But getting started, and evolving your strategy, can be overwhelming. What's the best way to mobilize field service quickly, efficiently, and effectively?

Find out in "Mobile Apps for Field Service: Proven Strategies from Roll-Out to ROI." In this white paper, you'll read:

2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for MADPs: Who's a Leader? ›

Gartner recently released its 2014 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADPs) with the latest insights into how mobility is changing business today. We’re proud that Kony was named a Leader.

Read your complimentary copy of the Magic Quadrant to learn:

From Current Transformer to Customer Tablet: How to Give Your Utility a Digital Makeover ›

Mobility is changing industries across the globe, and utilities are no exception. In fact, utilties see a strong demand for both business-to-employee as well as business-to-consumer applications - which means they need a strategy that goes beyond a single app, device, or OS. 

So what does it take to not only keep up with mobile, but also lead the charge? Find out in "How to Give Your Utility a Digital Makeover," an Intelligent Utility white paper sponsored by Kony that includes:

6 Steps to Smarter Mobile App Design and Development ›

Application design and user experience (UX) are increasingly important as user expectations grow. Businesses must compete on both functionality and usability, but the professionals charged with designing the app are often expected to use the same old tools to achieve new and innovative results. 

In "6 Steps to Smarter Mobile App Design and Development," we examine how to go beyond legacy app design to create exceptional experiences more easily and efficiently. Topics covered include:

IDC: Creating Business Value from Mobile-First Development Practices ›

IDC recently surveyed 400 IT decision makers in the U.S in charge of influencing or directing mobile strategy at their firms. The numbers are clear: companies that make strategic investments in mobility are realizing increased competitive advantage in all aspects of the business than those who do not.

Companies now need to consider adopting modern mobile app development and deployment practices and tighter IT/business alignment or risk losing out to the competition.

This whitepaper breaks down IDC’s survey results and recommendations on topics such as:

App Development in the Cloud: Advantages, Challenges, and How to Do It Right ›

Cloud-based mobility refers to a new generation of tools that allow organizations to design, develop, and manage apps using solutions that leverage cloud technology. This approach offers benefits like flexibility, scalability, and efficiency, but has its challenges as well.

In this white paper, we will examine the advantages of app development in the cloud, why it makes sense for your mobile projects, and seven pitfalls that you can avoid along the way.

You’ll learn how to:

Mobilizing Healthcare: A Provider’s Guide to Multi-Channel Strategy ›

Over 89% of physicians recommend a mobile health app to their patients, and over 93% believe that mobile health apps can improve a patient outcome in areas including medication adherence, diabetes monitoring, and preventive care. But are healthcare organizations ready for the changes this brings?

To realize the potential benefits of mobility, providers need to fashion strategies around new demands for value.

This brief outlines advantages and challenges of mobile including how to:

Mobilizing Healthcare: A Payer’s Guide to Multi-Channel Strategy  ›

With the Affordable Care Act opening up an untapped consumer market, the entire healthcare industry is now looking for solutions that will help control costs while still delivering consumer-centric outcomes.

The solution: Embracing mobile apps can have a profound impact on payers and help the entire ecosystem attract a new market of uninsured individuals, manage healthcare costs, adhere to regulatory requirements, improve employee productivity, and most importantly, stay relevant.

This brief will explore:

CGT research report: Transforming Field Execution to Create the Perfect Store ›

According to CGT, 80% of CPG companies already have a mobile initiative in place, and another 15% are planning to initiate one soon. But how do these companies go beyond straightforward automation to mobile optimization, complete with wide-reaching benefits and gains?

Find out in "Transforming Field Execution to Create the Perfect Store." In this report, you'll learn how mobility unlocks the door to:

Mobilizing Oil and Gas: Crucial Considerations for Industrial Mobile Initiatives ›

Mobility presents oil and gas organizations with a variety of ways to make a powerful impact on the business. From extending enterprise systems to improving internal operations, empowering field workers to streamlining asset management, the potential is very real and very valuable. 

But what does it take to get there? In "Mobilizing Oil and Gas: Crucial Considerations for Industrial Mobile Initiatives," you'll explore the different avenues to mobile success and their results, including:

Mobile Initiatives for Manufacturing Executives: A How-to Guide ›

Manufacturing organizations know that mobility offers huge potential for cost savings and efficiencies. The question is, what does it take to do it right?

Find out in “Mobile Initiatives for Manufacturing Executives: A How-To Guide.” In this detailed white paper, you’ll read strategic insights on creating real business value.

Topics covered include:

Mobilizing Utilities: Selecting Mobile Initiatives to Maximize Productivity and Reliability ›

The world’s leading utility companies have implemented mobile solutions to empower their customers and employees, increase efficiencies, and realize significant cost savings. So how did they do it, and what will industry leaders do next?

Find out in “Mobilizing Utilities: Selecting Mobile Initiatives to Maximize Productivity and Reliability.” This in-depth brief covers all aspects of mobilizing the utilities industry, including:

Harnessing the Increasingly Mobile Workforce: an ebook ›

Learn how today's leading companies are mobilizing and motivating the workforce with advanced mobile strategies. 

This ebook, "Harnessing the Increasingly Mobile Workforce," covers the hottest topics in enterprise mobility, including:

Enterprise Apps: Maximizing Productivity, Minimizing Risk ›

In this comprehensive ebook, you'll read how today's leading enterprises balance the opportunities and challenges of mobility.

Topics covered include:

  • The use of custom apps to better meet business requirements
  • Latest trends in BYOD
  • How enterprise app stores allow access while ensuring control
  • Managing device and app proliferation
  • Policy-driven MDM, MAM, and MCM

This ebook is a must-read if you're managing mobile in the enterprise - especially BYOD. Download your copy today.

Creating a Mobile Presence: Native Apps vs. HTML5 ›

HTML5 gets a lot of hype - but is it the right approach to developing apps for your business?

Find out in this comprehensive ebook. In "Creating a Mobile Presence: Native Apps vs. HTML5," you'll gain a thorough understanding of the pros and cons of HTML5, as well as a roadmap to determining whether it's right for your organization. 

Additional topics include:

Responsive versus Adaptive Web Design ›

As the number of gadgets connected to the web grows, so do the strategies for managing them. Two popular development approaches for delivering content across the device spectrum are responsive and adaptive web design.

In this technical white paper, Kony CTO Sri Ramanathan and his co-authors take a deep dive into both methodologies. It answers questions including:

Mobile Banking for the Digital Age ›

Banks were among the first organizations to go mobile. But how can they continue to innovate and differentiate their services once the first app is out the door?

Find out in "Mobile Banking for the Digital Age." This in-depth white paper covers:

Build a Winning Mobile Strategy for Financial Services ›

The financial services industry was quick to realize the importance of mobile technology. But now that mobile 1.0 is behind us, what can banks and insurance organizations do to ensure their strategy will continue to meet the needs of tomorrow?

Download this comprehensive ebook for the answers. You'll discover:

Kony for SAP ›

Mobilizing SAP is no simple task, and SAP itself isn't making it any easier. But there are other options for today's enterprise that enable secure, scalable, and robust integrations without the headaches.

Read "Kony for SAP" to get all the details on Kony's solutions for mobilizing SAP, including architecture, integrations, key benefits and differentiators, and more. This technical white paper includes:

Measuring Mobile: Quantifying the Success of Your Mobile Initiative ›

You know that mobility is critical to today's enterprise, but what's the best way to measure its success?

Find out in this comprehensive white paper. In "Measuring Mobile," you'll learn how to:

  • Define measurable objectives and outcomes
  • Quantify the value of engagement and efficiency
  • Measure different use cases in enterprise mobility
  • Calculate ROI, TCO, and more

Stop guessing how well your mobile initiative is performing. Download "Measuring Mobile" to find real numbers that prove real value.

Five Steps to a Successful Mobile Strategy ›


If you're mobilizing business processes in the enterprise, this paper is for you. In "Five Steps to a Successful Mobile Strategy," we explore what it takes to do mobile right, and help you create a roadmap to get there. 

Read this white paper to learn how to:

Optimizing Field Services with Mobility ›

Mobility is transforming the way that field service teams perform their jobs. But for each advantage to mobile field services, it seems there are 10 complications. Security, performance, reporting, innovation... for CIOs, the list is long.

Tackle the complexities of mobile field service with this ebook, "Optimizing Field Services with Mobility." Topics covered include:

Securing Mobile Apps in the Enterprise ›

In this white paper, you'll read how today's enterprises can balance productivity and security in mobile apps. Topics covered span enterprise mobility management, and include:

The US Mobile App Landscape ›

Digital banking has evolved beyond account balances and mobile deposit to a collaborative ecosystem between institution and customer. But what - and who - is driving this shift, and what does it mean for the financial industry?

In "The US Mobile App Landscape: An Evaluation of Mobile Banking at the Top US Banks," you'll see how 13 top banks stack up on functionality, ease of use, and more, and what those scenarios indicate for future mobile leadership.

This report also includes:

Mobile in 2013: A Digital Digest Featuring Gartner Research, Issue 2 ›


The exponential growth of the mobile revolution is breathtaking, forever changing the way that we do business. Whether we’re taking advantage of mobile technology to boost internal work processes or utilizing it to more efficiently interact with clients, there’s no denying that mobile technology is a staple of every successful business today. From CRM apps to multi-channel processes, mobile strategy is key. But with the ever-evolving digital world, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of all the technological changes.

Delivering Government Services in the Digital Age ›

Wireless networks are now accessible across the country. As such, agencies on the local, state, and federal level are now mobilizing their services to improve communication with the people they serve.

This white paper discusses the use of mobility in the process of helping government services focus on engaging their audience, and also employing the use of many apps at once in order to share resources.

Apps Everywhere: Understanding the Need for Mobile Application Management ›

The precise management of mobile applications is becoming a key requirement in the field of information technology and technological development around the world. This white paper discusses the reasons behind the importance of the broadening of mobility strategies for enterprises.

Mobile application management is not just about simply managing devices. This ongoing process also includes the development, distribution, security, and management of mobile applications. These are available across genres, making them applicable to almost any enterprise.

Forrester: Lead Your Mobile Insurance Future with Sound Strategic Planning ›

Effective mobile execution is easier said than done, which is why many insurers are afraid to invest in a long-term mobile initiative. While consumers want to engage with their insurers via mobile technology, insurers must learn how to define objectives, metrics, customer segmentation, analysis, and security. A strategic plan is absolutely crucial for insurers to drive a business impact with mobile technology.

This report addresses:

CGT Research Report: Mobility in Consumer Goods ›

With the widespread use of mobile devices, the statistics of user end adoption are higher than ever. Recent studies claim that the end of 2013 will see a larger number of mobile connected devices than that of the entire worldwide human population. This whitepaper report from CGT and Kony provides high-quality charts and visuals that delineate statistics surrounding the state of mobility in consumer goods.

Intelligent Utility Report: Crafting the Perfect Field Worker ›

With the astounding rise of mobile technology, it remains highly important to be cognizant of the continued necessity of human operation. The average field worker needs access to smart and effective tools in addition to the implementation of new advanced equipment. This whitepaper describes a CPS case study and its findings for mobility for field workers as presented by Jimmy Mendoza, a retired business analyst.

The takeaways, as such, are as follows.

Mobile in 2013 - A Digital Digest, Issue 1 ›

The exponential growth of the mobile revolution is breathtaking, forever changing the way that we do business. Whether we’re taking advantage of mobile technology to boost internal work processes or utilizing it to more efficiently interact with clients, there’s no denying that mobile technology is a staple of every successful business today. From CRM apps to multi-channel processes, mobile strategy is key. But with the ever-evolving digital world, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of all the technological changes.

Key challenges include, but are not limited to:

Powering Total Connectivity ›

With the rise of the mobile revolution, the use and sheer number of digital devices is also on the increase. As such, being disconnected is no longer an excuse – mobility heightens the expectation of connectivity and access to information at all times. This whitepaper discusses the solutions at hand for multiple channels of devices with regard to increased mobility, which is to say that the overall development of mobile applications is the key.

Mobile’s Role in Capitalizing on Healthcare Reform Opportunities ›

The United States Supreme Court recently decided to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, requiring Americans to hold health coverage or instead face penalties and fines. The implications around the Affordable Care Act are such that healthcare payers will now be focused on selling health coverage plans, which means that there is a shift in the industry to consumer marketing on the horizon. This whitepaper will discuss the implications of healthcare reform on mobility.

Mobilizing the Entire Enterprise ›

“Going mobile” is a buzz-phrase that’s heard everywhere in today’s marketplace, but mobilizing your business isn’t as easy as it sounds. Mobilizing your entire enterprise will not only boost efficiency and productivity, but it will also enhance every workflow process as well. However, with so many aspects such as ubiquitous data access and data capture to consider, mobilizing your business can be a technological headache.

Why Mobile Application Management Matters ›

As more consumers perform business on their mobile and smartphone devices, small businesses and corporations alike are working diligently to mobilize their enterprise. Through mobile applications and BYOD (bring your own device) policies, companies can empower their employees to more effectively serve customers and grow their business. However, as convenient as mobile applications are, they are also accompanied with very specific challenges.

In “Why Mobile Application Management Matters,” readers will learn about:

Optimize Your Mobile Banking Strategy ›

Despite the importance of mobile banking optimization, the reality is that most eBusiness teams are so overwhelmed with other responsibilities that they haven’t yet focused on optimizing mobile banking. However, with the exponential growth of the mobile market, it’s more important than ever for eBusinesses to take advantage of mobile banking to grow their bottom line.

eBusinesses should approach their mobile banking strategy with:

Meeting the BYOD Challenge ›


As more enterprises embrace the bring your own device (BYOD) trend in the workplace, chief information officers (CIO) are having to tackle the challenge of keeping company data secure while ensuring privacy for employees. BYOD refers to the practice of employees performing company work and accessing company data on their personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops.