IDC: Creating Business Value from Mobile-First Development Practices

IDC recently surveyed 400 IT decision makers in the U.S in charge of influencing or directing mobile strategy at their firms. The numbers are clear: companies that make strategic investments in mobility are realizing increased competitive advantage in all aspects of the business than those who do not.

Companies now need to consider adopting modern mobile app development and deployment practices and tighter IT/business alignment or risk losing out to the competition.

This whitepaper breaks down IDC’s survey results and recommendations on topics such as:

  •          Mobile deployment issues experienced
  •          Source of mobile project funding
  •          Resources needed for developing/deploying mobile technology
  •          Enterprise mobility maturity
  •          How to achieve a successful mobile-first business

Hear from your peers and IDC on the current state of mobility and what it means for your business. Download the report today.