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Rarely does a company’s name tell as much about its path as Amway.

Amway, which is short for American Way, for decades has embodied maverick American ideals such as entrepreneurialism, independence and wealth creation. It has delivered on those in spades throughout its 60-year history, and along the way, the rest of the world has embraced the Amway model eagerly. Today, Amway does business in more than 100 countries and territories, with more than 90 percent of that business generated outside of North America.

As such, Amway’s multilevel marketing approach to retail has enabled a global army of Amway Business Owners (or ABOs) to build their own businesses, do so on their own terms, and in the process make money for themselves and the company.



“ABOs expect mobile solutions from us because they operate their business the same way that they operate their lives – from their phone.”

- Brian Hart, VP, ABO Customer Solutions/IT, Amway





“We have to leverage digital to make sure that we’re providing the most relevant experience to our ABOs and to our customers in a way that’s compelling to them – and you can’t do that in this day in age without doing that digitally”

- Mike Edwards, VP, Global Digital Services, Amway





“We want to be able to take advantage of native capabilities on the phone. And not really have limitations on what we can put on a phone. And we want the efficiency of doing that development in ONE platform.”

- Brian Hart, VP, ABO Customer Solutions/IT, Amway





“We chose Kony Quantum as our mobile development platform because of the uniqueness of the way they do things.”

- Mike Edwards, VP, Global Digital Services, Amway





“Having the systematic approach of creating components really allows us to launch our apps much faster in a more economical way. That has allowed us to reduce the time and the cost of projects by half.”

- Mike Gamaggio, Global Manager, Web & Native Apps, Amway





time/cost savings with component strategy over previous app development method

Speed to market direct driver of business results. 2% revenue increase in 2018 largely attributed to digital transformation
Reusable app components speed development. New apps released in 50+ countries in less than 9 months
Components provide a more consistent user experience around the globe
Inter-region collaboration increasing due to shared component creation
Creativity/Innovation increasing due to new collaborative efforts


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