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ENGIE Leads Energy Industry Transformation with Innovative Digital Factory Powered by Kony

When global energy giant ENGIE launched an ambitious digital transformation plan in April 2016, the company wasn’t looking simply to transform itself; it wanted to transform the entire energy services industry.

By marshaling the combined power of big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Kony digital application platform, ENGIE is injecting its business with the insight and agility needed to lead one of the world’s largest and most important industries.

“Our vision is to be a leader in the energy transition,” said Yves Le Gelard, ENGIE’s chief digital officer and group CIO. “The world is in the process of moving away from fossil fuels and moving to renewables. At the same time, we still have two billion people without access to basic energy, specifically electricity. We want to contribute to the overall reduction of carbon footprint while bringing energy to those who don’t have it today.”



“In order to be a leader, you need to partner with the best. We picked Kony because it’s the best.”

- Yves Le Gelard, Chief Digital Officer and Group CIO, ENGIE





“With the Kony technology, we have lots of key outcomes: time savings, money savings, and timeto-market to launch new applications worldwide is improved.”

- Nicholas Verney, Mobile Apps Platform, Competencies Center Lead, ENGIE Digital





“We’ve been able to build very feature-rich capabilities in our app utilizing the Kony platform.”

- Dulce Borjas, VP and CIO, ENGIE North America





“When a business unit develops an app using ENGIE Digital, another business unit, and then another, is able to use all or part of that same app since we use the Kony platform all around the world.”

- Gerard Guinamand, Deputy Director, ENGIE Digital



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