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Irish Electricity Distribution Utility Plugs Into Kony to Power Its Mobile Strategy



“We turned to Kony to help mobilize our field services because data is very important in our industry and Kony’s solutions ordered the data synchronization we needed.”

- Eugene O’Sullivan, Networks Mobile Programme Manager, ESB Networks



“With the old hand-held devices, a technician initiated the synchronization process manually, and it would take 5 to 6 minutes to complete. During that time, the devices could not be used for anything else. With the new MyWork app, synchronization takes a second or two, and the process runs in the background. That’s a massive performance improvement from a user perspective.”

- Eugene O’Sullivan, Networks Mobile Programme Manager, ESB Networks



When ESBN went looking for a new mobile applications platform, the need was urgent. A critical system used by field service technicians relied on hardware and software that was at the end of life. Yet rather than modernize just that one app, ESBN was determined to find a long-term solution to all their mobile needs.


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The Solution


  • Gives field service workers a more modern and flexible app
  • Leverages commodity hardware and standard mobile operating systems
  • Potential to preserve portability between mobile operating systems
  • Integrates with enterprise systems
  • Delivers higher performance and offline functionality


Transform your field service organization with Kony Field Service Solution


Kony’s Field Service solution has everything you need to mobilize field services by incorporating mobile apps, wearable and IoT options with multiple business scenario models such as scheduled break & fix, facility maintenance and direct consumer driven service.


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