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Farmatodo Increases Customer Loyalty and Speed-to-Market with Mobile Apps

Farmatodo wanted the expansion of its mobile channel to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Get closer to the customer, gathering information related to their buying patterns with the objective of targeting offerings more effectively
  2. Use the mobile channel to increase the number of customers' registrations
  3. Offer a new set of services oriented to specific needs in the Venezuela market, closely related to product availability and the time used when trying to find them

The Solution

  • During the first month after the mobile app's launch, registration through the app was higher than the average daily registration through the website, reaching 200 registrations versus 150.
  • Three months after the application’s launch and with no advertising, the numbers reflect a clear success with 80,000 downloads on the Android platform and 25,000 downloads through the iOS platform, in both cases with average ratings of 4 out of 5.
  • Application produced 18,000 registrations on the loyalty program.

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