Compare Kony vs. Mendix

Overview of Mendix

Mendix is a platform for web and app development with a heavy reliance on open source technologies.

Where they fall short is in the user experience and business-critical functions. Mendix does not produce native app experiences (Cordova or HTML5 with device-specific customizations, only) and are reliant on ‘citizen programmers’ for support of open-source components

Mendix has:
  • Rapid development using simple visual designers
  • Limited reporting—lacks tools for continuous improvement
  • Limited UX—optimized for simple apps and limited scale
Here are a few key questions to ask to help you compare Kony vs. Mendix:
  • “How important is it for your apps to have a stunning user experience?”
    • Kony can generate true native experiences—Mendix can’t
  • “What are your concerns around keeping up with new OS versions?”
    • Kony offers a 30-day SLA on new OS versions—Mendix doesn’t.
  • “How comfortable are you using open-source components?”
    • Mendix relies on a large library of these (unsupported) components. Who supports these in an emergency? Who makes sure they are secure?
    • Kony supports all native libraries already, but if the client prefers their existing libraries, we can support that, too.
  • “Are you concerned about security?”
    • Mendix lacks its own security certifications, relying on the security of its cloud partners. Kony has extensive security, including protection at the binary level – “banking-grade” security out of the box.

      Kony is PCI DSS Certified, HIPAA Certified, FIPS Certified, ISO and AICPA SOC 2 Certified

What Mendix will say about Kony:

  • “Kony requires you to re-write your apps on its platform—you can’t import or export code from your existing apps!”
    •  Kony can easily export the app source code for use outside our platform.
    • Kony’s Nitro engine allows users to import existing components from any library. If clients have components they want to keep, they can do that.
  • “Kony is overpriced.  Mendix quotes are half what Kony is asking!”
    • Kony is competitively priced with Mendix even though only Kony offers true native experiences and a 30-day SLA on device OS updates— Mendix has neither!
  • “Mendix is best for companies with few IT resources or experienced developers.”
    • Kony AppVantage™ offers the best of both worlds for any business looking for a great app solution: robust pre-built apps that leverage industry-leading best practices and custom-built apps to get you to market faster, in the most cost-efficient way.
  • “Mendix provides the best access to data from operational systems”
    • Kony Quantum is the leading platform for mobilizing data from the widest range of corporate systems, including industrial IoT use cases!

Kony Quantum vs. Mendix

Deliver first app in under 90 days with up to 80% reduction in code Visual Low-Code Development Integrated Marketplace Guaranteed OS upgradeSLA Automated Testing w/ Mobile Device Farm Point-and-click Backend Integration Automated Protection with 1-Click Highest-Rated Developer Experience (Forrester) Highest-Rated ProductStrategy (Forrester) “Banking-grade” Security Support Comprehensive & Scalable Platform for B2E, B2C, & B2B Apps Next Gen Exp Support – Wearables, IoT, Chatbots, Augmented Reality, & more Highest-Rated forNew Simple Apps(Gartner) Highest-Rated Behavioral / Operational Analytics (Gartner) Over 100+ Pre-Built Components Customer Value Key Features Start Fast Stay Fast Without Compromises Reduce time & effort required to update existing & create new apps as demands grow over time, while keeping pace with digital innovation Speed & on-going agility without compromising on delivering stunning omni-channel experiences with banking-grade security across all of your B2E, B2C, & B2B apps. Support for ProgressiveWeb Apps (PWA) Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Native UX - 100% API access Highest-Rated Integrated Portfolio Offering (Forrester) Seamless Transition from Citizen to Full Stack Development

  Kony Mendix
Edition Quantum Quantum SMB Gold Offer Quantum Enterprise Free Single App Pro Enterprise
Applications 1 5 Unlimited   1 Unlimited Unlimited
User Capacity up to 25 1,000 Starts at 250 users for B2E / 10,000 B2C users up to 100      
Scalability Limited Auto-scaling Auto-scaling       Unlimited
Automated Backups No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Failover No No Yes: Active-Active No No No Yes
Deployment Options Kony Cloud Kony Cloud Kony Cloud / Private cloud / On-premises Public cloud only Public cloud only Public cloud only Public cloud / Private cloud / On-premises
Uptime Guarantee No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Support Community Community 9 to 5 (24/7 available) Community Gold (2-hr response time) Gold (2-hr response time) Platinum (1-hr response time)
Price Free forever $1,000 USD/mo* Starting at $2,500/mo* Free forever Starting at $1,875/mo Starting at $5,375/mo Starting at $7,825/mo

* Billed annually

Start Fast. Stay Fast. Without Compromises. Kony.

Kony Quantum is transforming the world’s most innovative businesses — so, how do we remain a market leader when contenders come and go?  It’s simple – we help you Start Fast. Stay Fast. Without Compromises.

  • Kony Quantum begins with rapid, visual assembly using components and templates – which means an 80% class="fa fa-check -green"uction in code vs. developing from scratch.
  • Designers and developers can integrate 100% of the native OS or any available open-source and third-party framework – or choose a pre-built template for a world-class user experience without sacrificing speed.
  • Kony Quantum helps you Stay Fast with re-usable components and pre-built integrations from the Kony Marketplace – so you can visually map your app to backend APIs, databases & legacy middleware.

  • Organizations of any size can eliminate compromises with full omni-channel support for phone, tablet, responsive web and desktop with security and analytics enabled by default across your entire application
  • With the convergence of MADP, RMAD and MBS, Kony Quantum uniquely provides a simple, productive, no-compromise solution to address the emerging needs of digital apps and omni-channel experiences.

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