Compare Kony vs. OutSystems

Overview of OutSystems

OutSystems is a platform for web and app development with a nice collection of open-source components and aggressive pricing.

Where they fall short is in the user experience and business-critical functions. OutSystems does not produce native app experiences (Cordova or HTML5 with device-specific customizations, only) and are reliant on ‘citizen programmers’ for support of open-source components.

OutSystems has:
  • Rapid development using simple visual designers
  • Limited choice—constrained to predefined architecture
  • Limited UX—optimized for simple apps and limited scale
Here are a few key questions to ask to help you compare Kony vs. OutSystems:
  • “How important is it for your apps to have a stunning user experience?”
    • Kony can generate true native experiences—OutSystems can’t, even in its latest version
  • “What are your concerns around keeping up with new OS versions?”
    • Kony offers a 30-day SLA on new OS versions—OutSystems doesn’t.
  • “How comfortable are you using open-source components?”
    • OutSystems relies on a large library of these (unsupported) components. Who supports these in an emergency? Who makes sure they are secure?
    • Kony supports all native component libraries already, but if the client prefers their existing component libraries, we can support that, too.
  • “Are you concerned about security?”
    • In addition to the more common security measures that OutSystems offers, Kony has protection at the binary level – “banking-grade” security out of the box.

      Kony is PCI DSS Certified, HIPAA Certified, FIPS Certified, ISO and AICPA SOC 2 Certified

What OutSystems will say about Kony:

  • “Kony requires you to re-write your apps on its platform—you can’t import or export code from your existing apps!”
    •  Kony can easily export the app source code for use outside our platform.
    •  Kony’s Nitro engine allows users to import existing components from any library. If clients have components they want to keep, they can do that.
  • “Kony is overpriced. OutSystems quotes are half what Kony is asking!”
    •  Kony is competitively priced with OutSystems even though only Kony offers true native experiences, a 30-day SLA on device OS updates, and the industry-leading platform—OutSystems has none of these things!
  • “OutSystems is best for companies with few IT resources or experienced developers.”
    •  Kony AppVantage™ offers the best of both worlds for any business looking for a great app solution: robust pre-built apps that leverage industry-leading best practices and custom-built apps to get you to market faster, in the most cost-efficient way.
  • “Who cares? Native and hybrid are converging!”
    •  Not so! As device features proliferate, the differences are becoming more extreme, not less! Kony Quantum has a patented cross-platform API with a guaranteed SLA and support for 100% Native, Hybrid, Web | Phones, Tablets, Kiosks, IoT, Laptops and more.

Kony Quantum vs. OutSystems

Next Gen Exp Support – Wearables, IoT, Chatbots, Augmented Reality, & more Deliver first app in under 90 days with up to 80% reduction in code Visual Low-Code Development Integrated Marketplace Guaranteed OS UpgradeSLA Automated Testing w/ Mobile Device Farm Point-and-click Backend Integration Automated Protection with 1-Click Support for ProgressiveWeb Apps (PWA) Highest-Rated Developer Experience (Forrester) “Banking-grade” Security Support Comprehensive & Scalable Platform for B2E, B2C, & B2B Apps Highest-RatedProduct Strategy(Forrester) Highest-Rated forNew Simple Apps(Gartner)Highest-Rated IntegratedPortfolio Offering(Forrester) Over 100+ Pre-Built Components Customer Value Key Features Start Fast Stay Fast Without Compromises Reduce time & effort required to update existing & create new apps as demands grow over time, while keeping pace with digital innovation Speed & on-going agility without compromising on delivering stunning omni-channel experiences with banking-grade security across all of your B2E, B2C, & B2B apps. Photoshop Integration Seamless Transition from Citizen to Full Stack Dev Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Native UX - 100% API access

Kony Outsystems
Edition Quantum Quantum SMB Gold Offer Quantum Enterprise Free One Enterprise
Applications 1 5 Unlimited 1 1 Unlimited
User Capacity up to 25 1,000 Starts at 250 users for B2E / 10,000 B2C users up to 100 100 – “up to thousands” 100 – “up to millions”
Scalability Limited Auto-scaling Auto-scaling Limited Limited Unlimited (billed separately)
Automated Backups No No Yes No Yes, through AWS Yes, through AWS
Failover No No Yes: Active-Active No Yes, through AWS Yes, through AWS
Deployment Options Kony Cloud Kony Cloud Kony Cloud / Private cloud / On-premises OutSystems Cloud On-premises/Private / Public / Hybrid cloud On-premises/Private / Public / Hybrid cloud
Uptime Guarantee No No Yes No Yes, through AWS Yes, through AWS
Support Community Community 9 to 5 (24/7 available) Community 8 to 5 (24/7 available) 8 to 5 (24/7 available)
Price Free forever $1,000 USD/mo* Starting at $2,500/mo* Free forever Starting at $2,100/mo* Starting at $4,600/mo*

* Billed annually

Start Fast. Stay Fast. Without Compromises. Kony.

Kony Quantum is transforming the world’s most innovative businesses — so, how do we remain a market leader when contenders come and go? It’s simple – we help you Start Fast. Stay Fast. Without Compromises.

  • Kony Quantum begins with rapid, visual assembly using components and templates – which means an 80% reduction in code vs. developing from scratch.
  • Designers and developers can integrate 100% of the native OS or any available open-source and third-party framework – or choose a pre-built template for a world-class user experience without sacrificing speed.
  • Kony Quantum helps you Stay Fast with re-usable components and pre-built integrations from the Kony Marketplace – so you can visually map your app to backend APIs, databases & legacy middleware.

  • Organizations of any size can eliminate compromises with full omni-channel support for phone, tablet, responsive web and desktop with security and analytics enabled by default across your entire application
  • With the convergence of MADP, RMAD and MBS, Kony Quantum uniquely provides a simple, productive, no-compromise solution to address the emerging needs of digital apps and omni-channel experiences.

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