Compare Kony vs. Xamarin

Overview of Xamarin

Microsoft Xamarin has its strengths:
  • C# SDK for building native apps for iOS and Android
  • 100% native API coverage, near same day support for new APIs
  • Available as a free module within Visual Studio
Here are some considerations before adopting Microsoft Xamarin:
  • “Will your solution need to support multiple OS & device types?”
    • Xamarin requires 15-30% device-specific coding (per 3rd-party analysis), adding significantly to the development cost. Visual tooling and UI is platform-specific, which limits re-use.
    • Kony does offer native UX and will match the performance and UX of its apps against Xamarin or any other platform, including native frameworks.
  • “How much back-and-forth is involved between IT and the business stakeholders in designing these apps?”
    • Xamarin does not provide any support for rapid, low code prototyping—and over 30% of mobile app design issues come from miscommunications with stakeholders.

Net, if your organization already uses the Microsoft stack and only plans to support 1-2 apps on a single device or OS, Xamarin would be a good choice.

What Microsoft Xamarin will say about Kony:

  • “Kony doesn’t offer native UX; it relies on a run-time interpreter and mimics native controls, while Xamarin accesses native APIs directly for superior performance.”
    •  Kony will match the performance and UX of its apps against Xamarin or any other platform, including native frameworks.
    •  Put Kony to the test in a PoC—our UX is visibly native and our performance stands up to the most robust B2C and B2E use cases!
  • “Is Kony free? Xamarin is bundled with Visual Studio!”
  • “Kony doesn’t have a C# SDK for building native apps for iOS and Android!”
    •  NOT TRUE! Kony offers a C# SDK for programmers who want to take advantage of our industry-leading Kony Fabric.

Start Fast. Stay Fast. Without Compromises. Kony.

Kony Quantum is transforming the world’s most innovative businesses — so, how do we remain a market leader when contenders come and go? It’s simple – we help you Start Fast. Stay Fast. Without Compromises.

  • Kony Quantum begins with rapid, visual assembly using components and templates – which means an 80% reduction in code vs. developing from scratch.
  • Designers and developers can integrate 100% of the native OS or any available open-source and third-party framework – or choose a pre-built template for a world-class user experience without sacrificing speed.
  • Kony Quantum helps you Stay Fast with re-usable components and pre-built integrations from the Kony Marketplace – so you can visually map your app to backend APIs, databases & legacy middleware.

  • Organizations of any size can eliminate compromises with full omni-channel support for phone, tablet, responsive web and desktop with security and analytics enabled by default across your entire application
  • With the convergence of MADP, RMAD and MBS, Kony Quantum uniquely provides a simple, productive, no-compromise solution to address the emerging needs of digital apps and omni-channel experiences.

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