Learn the types of builds Kony Visualizer supports and show you how to configure your application to generate native/web binaries using the Visualizer builds. During the session, the experts will talk through different configurations and challenges around the current build system

To keep up with the pace of digital innovation, enterprises demand ever more from their low-code platform. Yesterday’s advanced features are today’s minimum requirements. What low-code capabilities will you need to succeed in 2019?

Are you considering chatbots in your digital roadmap? Two of Kony’s top technologists, Sathya Vennapusala and Praveen Satyam will be hosting this informative Tech Talk about Chatbots.

Debugging is a necessary chore when developing digital apps. Join us on November 14 to learn how to clean up your code with Kony Debugger.

Listen to this on-demand webcast with guest speakers Michael Facemire, VP, and Principal Analyst from Forrester and Alex Cobb, CTO from Vestis, as they join the Kony team to discuss a hotly debated topic in the industry – Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Kony AppPlatform V8 Service Pack 3 introduces a new set of features & enhancements on Kony AppPlatform. This release brings together features to accelerate Web development with modern web capabilities, simplify developer experiences and data integration, provide rich digital experiences & simplified development of comprehensive production grade apps. There are 50+ features in the new release. Senior Directors of Kony Product Management, Faizan Khalidi and Suhas Bhat will unpack the new features in V8 SP3 during this webinar.

Low-code promises to radically improve the development speed of web and mobile apps. But how useful is that for Enterprises that require true enterprise grade applications? Kony has optimized its platform to deliver low-code capabilities but still enable enterprise grade user experiences, complex business logic, high-performance, high volume backend system integration and security. This approach lets you get the power of low-code and automation without hitting a wall when you need an enterprise grade app. The presentation will dig deeper into the tooling and architecture required to make this a reality. Note: Presentation hosted by Application Architecture Summit: News: Integration Developer News.

Watch our on-demand webinar, “The New Retail Imperatives” with guest speaker, Forrester VP & Principal Analyst, Brendan Witcher, for a discussion around supporting today’s top retail initiatives through apps. Brendan Witcher identifies what drives mobile customers to adopt and abandon brands, shows how data is becoming the new competitive weapon, reveals retails top five initiatives, addresses the future of commerce and outlines important steps for becoming a digital master.

Listen to this on-demand webinar with guest speaker, Forrester VP, principal analyst Michael Facemire for a discussion around what a modern digital portfolio looks like, how to efficiently build one given limited resources, and what technology advancements you can use to develop integrated digital experiences with greater agility.