Introducing the Quantum Nitro™ Engine

Quantum Nitro™ Engine is the patented, omni-channel engine at the heart of Temenos Quantum—enabling the next gen of app development with support for native, web and hybrid approaches across the device and IoT spectrum.

Why is it important? No compromise!

The shift to Omni-channel development spanning native, web and hybrid styles adds new complexity and drives new market requirements – especially for companies that have already made investments in mobile. Organizations can optimize their approach to get Power, Speed or Choice – but usually never attain all three simultaneously – until now.


Patended omni-channel framework for native widgets & APIs. Open web standards support including Cordova, Angular + 3rd party frameworks.


Rapid low-code visual tooling. Drive reuse via a powerful component model on the front-end and backend.


Mix 100% of native APIs directly with omni-channel UX & logic. Scales up to enterprise needs with digital app factory approach.

How does the Quantum Nitro™ Engine compare?

Only Temenos allows you to mix native, web and hybrid approaches in a single application for maximum flexibility - including hybrid import to easily import components into the platform while positioning your organization to take advantage of enhanced levels of security, accelerated development of rich native applications (through low code visualization) and consistent experiences across channels.

Additionally, Nitro gives organizations the ability to start rapidly and add power on-demand as requirements and goals change. Net – omni-channel app development without compromise.

Innovate with speed and ease.

Start building with Temenos Quantum today and see for yourself.

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