Innovate and excel with the Kony ISV Alliance Program

The Kony ISV Alliance Program for independent software vendors and app resellers gives inspired technology companies the opportunity to grow, innovate, and drive revenue at the speed of mobile. ISV Alliance Partners see tremendous benefits, fast, because they can:

  • Develop new revenue streams and drive topline revenue
  • Get to market faster
  • Focus development resources on innovation
  • Enhance offerings at competitive prices
  • Access Kony intellectual property, marketing support, and expertise

Stay competitive with a partner who understands

As an independent software vendor, you’re always seeking new revenue streams, opportunities to enter new markets, and creative ways to beat out the competition. You can do that by growing your current market share, offering more complete solutions, or adding new functionality - but it’s not easy or cheap. To stay competitive means making continuous investments in innovation and the foundational technologies that provide a complete solution. How can you afford both when you are resource constrained and under pressure to reduce cost of goods sold? The Kony ISV Alliance program can help.

Solve the "build or buy" dilemma

Focusing on innovation helps you stand out from the competition. But do you have an unlimited R&D budget that enables you to satisfy all your customers’ needs? As a Kony ISV Alliance partner, you don’t need one. You can add value to your offerings—and go to market faster—by embedding or bundling Kony intellectual property into your own solution.

We provide leading-edge, foundational technologies along with training, marketing materials, and expertise to enhance your offerings, plus flexible business terms and world-class support. We help independent software vendors increase the value of your overall solution, which in turn can boost your product sales, service sales, and customer share of wallet.

Embed or bundle with flexible options

All Kony products are available through Kony’s ISV Alliance program. We work with independent software vendors in two ways:

  • You can participate by embedding Kony technology to create a fully integrated and largely inseparable solution for sale to your customers directly or through your own channel partners.
  • Or, you can participate as a bundled reseller, where you do not materially alter or embed the Kony technology; you simply bundle it with your own products rather than selling it as a standalone offering.

Become an ISV Alliance Partner

We make it easy for independent software vendors to get started. An an ISV Alliance Partner, you get the tools you need to succeed, tailored to meet the needs of your business model—reliability, services, support, and local expertise. We enable you to simplify and streamline your development and delivery time, freeing more time to focus on developing innovative solutions that extend your market leadership and satisfy customer requirements.

We work with you to understand your product needs and unique requirements in branding, product delivery, and support. Your customers need not know that Kony technology is part of your solution unless you decide to make it visible.

Kony’s worldwide ISV Alliance team will work with you to customize an OEM solution to meet your business needs. You and your Kony representative will collaborate on mutually beneficial business terms, and you will gain access to marketing, sales, and technical training, logistics, and reporting. Kony is committed to building a successful partnership.

To get started, contact us at ISV[at]

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