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Accelerating App Delivery with People, Process and Technology

Development organizations struggle to keep up with the demands from their business team for omni-channel apps that span mobile, tablet and desktop web. Traditional approaches have resulted in large app backlogs, long release and update cycles and poor user experiences.

The Kony AppFactory solution drives app delivery speed, development efficiency and user experience across the full development lifecycle to agilely develop apps. It starts well before the requirements phase and extends to continuous updates and delivery that integrates people, process and technology.

AppFactory is more than a concept at Kony, our current solutions in market have resulted in:

in apps developed in parallel
(8-10 apps)
initial app releases
(6-12 weeks)
in testing time/effort
on initial release
app updates
(2-4 weeks)

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Carefully defining and appropriately staffing the key roles is critical for success. Part of the staffing exercise is leveraging Kony best practices to clearly define roles, responsibilities and authority across the team. The focus is on ensuring that the correct skills are aligned with the roles and responsibilities needed for effective app delivery.

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The Kony AppFactory is a Methodology for successfully delivery of apps based on years of experience and our best practices. It comes with the software and infrastructure to execute that methodology. And lastly, it comes with Kony Professional Services to help tailor the methodology to the customer’s needs and get it up and running quickly and successfully.

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The Kony AppFactory Runtime is an extension on top of the Kony AppPlatform that incorporates more of the software and infrastructure that is typically used across the DevOps lifecycle.

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