Proven – again, and again, and again, and again.

The industry’s most recognized application platform

The votes are in and the results are unanimous. When it comes to application development, all the major analysts agree that Kony is a leader.

For years, Kony AppPlatform has been continuously acknowledged by top experts as a best-in-class technology for organizations looking to create amazing apps across all channels and deliver exceptional experiences to end users. When compared against the dozens of other available options, leading technology researchers recognize KonyAppPlatform for its ability to generate true native experiences across devices and operating systems from a single source of code, its ability to integrate seamlessly with other technologies and scalability.

Kony has also recently been named a Low-Code leader, proof that we’re extending the value of our powerful AppPlatform to new audiences, making application development more accessible than ever and facilitating efficient, meaningful collaboration between developers and their peers across the business.

Sound too good to be true? Explore what the analysts have to say for yourself, with complimentary copies of reports from Gartner and Forrester.

Start Fast. Stay Fast. Without Compromises. Kony.

The Kony AppPlatform is transforming the world’s most innovative businesses — so, how do we remain a market leader when contenders come and go? It’s simple – we help you Start Fast. Stay Fast. Without Compromises.

  • Kony’s AppPlatform begins with rapid, visual assembly using components and templates – which means an 80% reduction in code vs. developing from scratch.
  • Designers and developers can integrate 100% of the native OS or any available open-source and third-party framework – or choose a pre-built template for a world-class user experience without sacrificing speed.
  • The Kony AppPlatform helps you Stay Fast with re-usable components and pre-built integrations from the Kony Marketplace – so you can visually map your app to backend APIs, databases & legacy middleware.

Kony Marketplace

  • Organizations of any size can eliminate compromises with full omni-channel support for phone, tablet, responsive web and desktop with security and analytics enabled by default across your entire application
  • With the convergence of MADP, RMAD and MBS, Kony’s AppPlatform uniquely provides a simple, productive, no-compromise solution to address the emerging needs of digital apps and omni-channel experiences.

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