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  • Built-in support for most popular open-source frameworks including Cordova, AngularJS, Jquery and Ionic with the flexibility to import additional open source and third-party frameworks

  • Omni-channel widgets and APIs for the highest level of productivity by avoiding channel specific UX logic

  • Mix 100% of native APIs directly with omni-channel UX & logic

  • Only platform with 30-day SLA that future proofs your app against latest new OS updates

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Engaging, native user experiences that meet business expectations

Omni-channel applications put the user at the center of the user experience. Data has shown that a poor user experience will result in high rates of abandonment of applications, and lower rates of value added transactions. Kony’s next generation Visualizer application canvas enables designers, business users, and developers to create next generation user experiences that adhere specifically to the human interface guidelines of each of the supported device platforms. Applications built with Visualizer can take advantage of all of the low level native drawing capabilities, and can leverage the native hardware capabilities, without compromise.

Commonization and Reusability

The re-use of common components and assets across applications and platforms is critical to realizing the efficiency in the app factory and micro services architecture. Kony Visualizer provides Enterprise grade capabilities to define such components centrally and use them across any number of applications and device types. Such components can consist of simple assets, user interface elements, and application component functionality definitions.

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