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Kony Visualizer enables designers, developers and line-of-business to quickly build apps across channels – including web.


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Low-code omni-channel app development
Kony Marketplace pre-wired components

Rapid, visual assembly using pre-wired components, templates and sample apps for an 80% reduction in code.

  • Access native device capabilities like maps, browser, touch ID and SMS without writing code – or drop down into Javascript API libraries for customization.
  • Direct access to any iOS and Android native API from Javascript
  • Mix and match Omni-channel APIs and UX with Native Function UX
  • Import any Native API from Visualizer

Designers and developers can integrate 100% of the native OS or any available open-source and third-party framework – plus mix and match native, web and hybrid in a single app.

  • Use any open-source framework in your web view, such as Jquery, Bootstrap, and Angular
  • Import an existing hybrid web app and mix with Kony native UX
  • Package web content locally in your app
  • Live HTML5 preview in Visualizer
  • Seamlessly transfer between native and web contexts

open-source frameworks; native and web contexts
Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Support for Progressive Web Apps (PWA) provides advantages of native features with web simplicity.

  • Visual low code platform for building enterprise-grade PWAs
  • Use responsive design visual canvas
  • Offline app support and increased performance using Service Workers
  • Installable to your device home screen using Web App Manifest
  • Faster end-user performance with reduced load times
  • Smooth animations and scrolling
  • Synchronize offline data with support for offline objects
  • No App Store Submission
  • 100% score on Google Lighthouse

Visually map your app to backend APIs, databases & legacy middleware.

  • Visually map available services and business objects within enterprise systems (SAP, Oracle, IBM)
  • Directly connect backend fields
  • Instantly test connections for data accuracy
  • Define custom web service fields
  • Leverage simplified APIs

Visually map backend APIs and middleware

Visualize the Possibilities

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