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Develop native, hybrid, and web apps from a shared code base using your JavaScript skills

* Example showing the cross-platform animation and image manipulation Api's on a widget snapshot
function transformImage(){
  	//Performing image manipulation on a widget snapshot
  	var imgFlight = kony.image.createImageFromSnapShot(frmDashboard.imageOne);
        var filterObj = kony.filter.createFilter();
  	filterData = {
        "filterName": kony.filter.BOX_BLUR,
        "inputImage": imgFlight,
        "inputRadius": 10
   	var imageObj = filterObj.getOutputImage();
  	//Applying a 3D transform
	var animateObj = kony.ui.makeAffineTransform();
   	frmDashboard.flxInput.anchorPoint = {"x":0.5,"y":0};

Leverage point-and-click integration to your enterprise systems through Kony MobileFabric

  • Discover all available services and business objects within enterprise systems (SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc.)
  • Map backend fields directly into your app
  • Test connections immediately for data accuracy
  • Define custom web service fields specific to your app
  • Leverage simplified APIs with standardized widget properties, exceptions and propagations

Extend your native framework to easily incorporate custom code and open, third party libraries

  • Use an import wizard for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows code
  • Incorporate device peripherals such as near field communications (NFC), barcodes, signature capture, and Bluetooth
  • Leverage a single JavaScript cloud API to access custom code

Have the peace of mind to develop securely

Develop a highly secure app right out of the box with our advanced security capabilities, including best-in-class binary protection within the native framework libraries.

  • Security PCI, HIPAA, and FIPS140-2 compliant multi-edge solution
  • Cryptography support for HMAC based algorithms
  • TripleDES and PBKDF2
  • White box cryptography and support for 2 way SSL
  • Binary and tamper protection

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