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September 2018 (Visualizer V8 Service Pack 3)

Progressive Web Applications

Kony Visualizer now enables designers and developers to develop Progressive Web Applications using the low-code Visualizer capabilities. Create reliable, fast and engaging web applications that work better on poor network connections using Visualizer’s support for Progressive Web Apps which now supports concepts like Service Workers for Offline access & Web Manifest to pin web apps to the home screen.

Simplified setup for App Viewer (Visualizer companion App)

Visualizer simplifies the setup and connection with the App Viewer, the Visualizer Companion App. App Viewer enables live, real time preview of Apps using Visualizer. Just scan a QR Code or send a message or email to your device and be ready with the App Viewer. Connect using a USB cable, Wi-Fi or use the Kony cloud.

Web Enhancements

Apart from the support for Progressive Web Apps, we have added many more features to the Web channel.

  • Performance improvements to Responsive Web load time for slower networks
  • Delta Preview Support for faster development
  • Setting to disable cross frame scripting
  • Browser back & refresh in Browser widget
  • Responsive support for Components
  • Offline Objects in Desktop Web and SPA
  • Security enhancements - HTTP Integrity check
Omni-channel API Enhancements

Get access to the latest native capabilities through our Omni channel APIs:

  • Device Settings – Callback Event API
  • Haptic Feedback API
  • Vibration API
  • Support for live photos using Openmediagallery API
Native Function Interface (NFI) Enhancements

Native Function Interface provides access to all the native APIs through JavaScript. With this release, we have added features to support non-UI APIs in the Windows frameworks.

Data Panel to simplify Data integration

The new Data Panel in Kony Visualizer simplifies the frontend and backend integration. The Data panel enables developers to create services from within visualizer and bind them to UI elements using the simplified mapping editor. It also enabled developers to edit, test and unlink Fabric services from within Visualizer. The data panel combines simplification and speed to developing powerful applications with Kony Visualizer.

App Viewer Enhancements

Along with the enhanced User Experience Visualizer App Viewer includes some more exciting enhancements:

  • Auto detection of Project
  • Launch Apps using QR Code
  • FFI/NFI detection
  • Support for App launch events
Visualizer Enhancements
  • Floating Action Editor
  • Enhanced CRUD operations for Object services
  • Enhancements to the Mapping Editor
  • Placeholders
  • Fabric app display
  • Segment Templates – Samples, On Canvas Edit & more
  • Ability to Flatten a Component
  • Link to release notes for upgrades
Security Enhancements

Security of Applications is always our highest priority. Here are the latest features and enhancements we have made in this area:

  • Enhanced secureRandom API
  • New API for generating Asymmetric KeyPair
  • Support for Asymmetric Encryption & Decryption
  • HTTP Integrity Check for Web & Windows
  • Protection of Pinned SSL Certificates
Improvements to the Sketch Plugin

The Sketch Plugin for Visualizer enables designers to convert their Sketch Artboards and symbols to Kony Visualizer Widgets and Components for Real time preview and application generation. This release includes several updates and enhancements to the Sketch Plugin like fixes for duplicate symbols, optimization of skins and resolution of Keywork conflicts.

Guided tours (Hikes)

Get started faster at designing & developing applications using the guided tours, we call “hikes”. Hikes enable not only the first-time users but even advanced developers to learn the features and develop apps faster by taking a step by step walkthrough of the feature and in turn develop their application.

Generate Applications as Native Libraries

With this release we enable Kony Applications to be generated and exported as Native libraries for iOS and Android. Develop applications with Kony Visualizer and add them to your existing native applications. Use the extensive cross communication APIs to share data between the native and the Kony app context.

Omni-channel Widget Enhancements

Get access to the latest UX capabilities through our omni-channel widget library

  • Camera transitions & rawbytes performance enhancements
  • Flex Container – modal container
  • Container background blur
  • Restrict Characters in Input fields
  • Animation APIs in Collection View
Visualizer Performance Improvements

To enable faster design & development of applications we keep improving the Kony Visualizer capabilities. With Faster Canvas refresh, breakpoints switching and component editing Kony Visualizer is faster than ever before.

OS & Device Compatibility

Kony is committed that our customer’s apps follow best practices and stay updated. Following the recent announcements of the latest OS releases from Apple with iOS 12 and from Google with Android “Pie”, we have ensured our customers apps are readily compatible. Kony also ensures App compatibility with new devices like iPhone XS, XS Max, XR & the Apple Watch Series 4.

April 2018 (Visualizer V8 Service Pack 2)

Responsive Web Design Tooling & Output

Kony Visualizer now supports a Visual canvas for designing Responsive Web Apps interactively with breakpoints and a column grid. Tailor almost any layout or content attribute per breakpoint along with a real-time responsive feedback within the Visualizer canvas.

Android Wear tooling & output

Visually design and develop modern smartwatch experiences built on Android Wear. Visualizer Canvas to design for square & round watch faces. Reuse business logic and models from other channels to rapidly develop watch apps & use communication APIs between mobile/tablet and wear devices for a comprehensive omni-channel experience.

Import & Merge Visualizer Projects

Support for importing a Visualizer Project into an existing Visualizer Project. This enables developers to reuse their common App functionality across Apps. Includes automatic conflict resolution and streamlined merge.

Omni-channel API Enhancements

Get access to the latest native capabilities through our Omni channel APIs:

  • Payment API –Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • App Review API
  • Keychain API for Android
  • Enhancements to the local Notification APIs
  • APIs to control the application in a multi-window mode
Support for MipMaps

This release supports addition of MipMap files in your project to enable better resolution support for Application Icons in launchers on diverse device densities.

Web App Performance Enhancements

Web Application Performance Enhancements including:

  • Optimized web app package
  • Most apps publish within a minute.
  • App Publish times for apps are now 10-15x faster.
  • Launch time optimized to be 3-4x faster
  • Faster load-times for list (using Segment) and forms.
Sketch UX Design Import

With this release we enable designers and developer to automatically convert Sketch Artboards into Kony Visualizer forms and Sketch symbols into Kony UX components using our Kony plugin for Sketch. Support for vector based & resolution independent designs. Incrementally re-import into Visualizer for agile UX workflows and prototyping.

Build in Background

Save time with the new non-blocking build process. The build now runs in the background while enabling you to continue developing your apps on the foreground.

Visualizer Productivity Enhancements
  • Improved Search functionality
  • Updated Native Fonts
  • Enhanced Modular App Groups
  • Linked App Groups
  • Query for updates
  • Updated Tutorials on Welcome screen
Native Function Interface (NFI) Enhancements

Native Function Interface provides access to all the native APIs through JavaScript. We have added features to support Protected methods in Android and more enhancements to the iOS frameworks.

Widget Enhancements for Web Apps

With an enhanced look-and-feel and more widget level customizations, the commonly used Web widgets like calendar, switch and textbox have been optimized to provide a better interface to Web Applications. Support for list box within a Segment widget.

Reference Architecture enhancements

Optimized Model layer to generate getters and setters for the attributes of the Data Objects. Extensions to Reference Architecture in Visualizer to enable Apps to support more extensive architectures and enable modularity and extensibility.

Omni-channel Widget Enhancements

Get access to the latest UX capabilities through our omni-channel widget library

  • Bottom Sheets for Android
  • Flex containers - flow direction from right-to-left or bottom-to-top
  • Blur property on Flex containers
  • Docking property for Flex containers
  • Manipulate Segment row height at runtime
  • Animate the height expansion of the Segment row
  • List box inside a Segment widget
  • Map Position and Zoom Level APIs
  • Map Styling APIs
  • Customize Keyboard top bar.
  • Enhanced controls for Form IN & OUT transitions.
App Viewer Enhancements

Visualizer App Preview has a new name: App Viewer and of course more enhancements:

  • USB tethering between Windows & iOS devices
  • App History now on the Cloud
  • New & Improved Marketplace View
  • UX Enhancements to enhance your App Viewer experience.

December 2017 (Visualizer V8 Service Pack 1)

Language Based Layout - Right to Left Alignment

Build your apps in any layout – left to right or right to left. Kony Visualizer has an added capability to switch the application layout alignment based on the locale. Visualizer now provides a simple configuration to target your apps layout for languages like Arabic or Hebrew.

iOS Navigation Bar Enhancements

Many new enhancements have been added to the forms Navigation Bar (Title Bar) to enable rich navigation experiences. The updated Navigation bar includes ability to add multiple right & left navigation items, custom layouts, native transitions and icons.

CI Improvements

CI (Continuous Integration) now provides the capability to automate

  • iOS binary (IPA) generation
  • Windows binary generation
Visualizer App Preview

Usability Improvements have been made to App Preview

Build Enhancements

Enhancements have been made to optimize and improve the build experience

  • Visualizer now enables applications to sign Android builds with release key to enable generation of production ready apps
  • Debug & Release modes have been unified for iOS

iOS 11 Drag & Drop feature for iPad
iOS 11 has added a new capability for iPad apps where content can be dragged & dropped within and outside an application. Kony Visualizer has updated its widgets to enable this feature for text, image and video content.

Widget Enhancements

Get access to the latest widget and UX capabilities for iOS, Android, and Web

  • Simplified Video Widget interface
  • Enhanced interface for Label Font Metrics
  • Individual Rounded Corners for widgets
  • Flex Template for Grid Calendar
Device & OS upgrades

Kony keeps you updated with the latest Operating Systems and devices. With this release we have enabled:

  • API level 26 to target Android Oreo
  • Support for iPhone X device resolutions and faceID
Windows Desktop & Desktop Web Improvements
  • Enable customized Cursor on Desktop Web
  • Support to provide custom icons on hover in Desktop Apps
  • Configure Desktop apps to be accessible for all Users
  • Ability to disable the resize and restore in a Desktop App.
Performance Improvements

Experience performance boosts in the following areas:

  • Faster Rendering of Container widgets & layouts in Android
  • Image caching in iOS
  • Up to 50% improvement in Segment load on Web

Google FCM Support

We now support Google FCM Push Notifications for Android applications. You can now configure FCM services across Kony Visualizer and Kony Engagement Services.

Component Enhancements

We have enabled more features in Components to enable further flexibility

  • Enhanced Component creation flow to enable addition of assets like images & skins
  • Ability to expose mapping for widgets in Components through Mapping Editor
  • Ability to configure snap mode for a component
Visualizer Productivity Enhancements

This release includes numerous productivity enhancements in Visualizer including:

  • Updated Visualizer Canvas to support latest devices
  • Enhanced Theme for Widgets
  • Classification of Project Types
  • Updated Fonts
APM Enhancements

Added the capability to monitor the following events on SPA and Desktop Web

  • App background and foreground
  • Touch on widgets
  • App loading time

September 2017 (Visualizer V8)

Kony Platform Components

Build your app in minutes with pre-built Kony Platform components, or create your own.

  • Import components from the new Marketplace into your Visualizer library
  • Drag and drop components and set properties to get started fast
  • Components are end to end – including UX, application logic, back-end services, storage objects, and more
Component Builder

Build your own custom components with easy to use tools.

  • Easy to use “no code” tools for managing your custom properties
  • Create your own custom events, properties, and methods
  • Lock down or open up your component widgets and code
  • Build using the Kony reference architecture
Visualizer Viewer App Enhancements

App Preview has a new name: App Viewer, and some enhancements:

  • Browse the Kony marketplace right from App Viewer
  • Launch sample apps directly in App Viewer
  • Debug your app directly from App Viewer – no build needed
Universal Binary Support

Build for Mobile and Tablet with one binary for iOS and Android

OS upgrades
  • iOS 11 Support
  • Android “O” Support
CI Improvements

Numerous improvements to support CI (Continuous Integration), including a background build process built on the Visualizer Node JS engine.

App Groups
  • Organize your Visualizer project with nested groups
  • Grouping across forms and controllers
  • Import and Export groups across projects
  • Includes Kony Fabric integration services
Security Enhancements

Numerous improvements to the protected mode security guards.

Integrated Kony Marketplace

Import Kony platform components into Visualizer, and publish your own components into the Marketplace.

  • Integrated tightly with the Visualizer library palette
  • Publish custom components into Marketplace
  • Access both a public and a private Marketplace
Component Target Container

Nest components and widgets inside of other components for ultimate flexibility

  • Create your own container components that accept child components.
  • Achieve flexibility by locking down only certain parts of your component.
Flex Property Forking

You can now tailor your layout even more for any platform

  • Set any layout property to a unique value for iOS, Android, Windows, and Web
  • Preview your layouts in realtime in the Visualizer canvas
Widget Enhancements

Get access to the latest widget and UX capabilities for iOS, Android, and Web

  • Collection View support
  • Font Scale Factor
  • Individual Corner Radius for Native. Gradient, Shadow, and Border Animation
  • Dynamic Widget Events
  • Device Battery APIs
  • Keychain APIs
  • Camera and Browser widget enhancements
  • Android App Icon shortcuts
  • APIs to read & reflect device settings
Android Wear Support

Create Android Wear layouts with the new Android Wear widgets and APIs

App Wizard

Get started quickly with sample apps from the Kony marketplace.

Automatic Updates

Ensure you are on the latest Kony Visualizer version with auto updates

  • Easier consolidated update in both Starter and Enterprise
  • Receive updates automatically
  • The plugin URL update workflow has been removed

Visualizer UX Pattern Library

We’ve built a cross channel quick start UX and icon library to get you going fast.

  • Over 100 UX assets, built on the best practices for iOS, Android, and Web
  • Drag and drop snapping – takes the guesswork out of layout
  • Includes hundreds of vector font icons
Improved Visualizer Library Palette

Includes new pre-built UX libraries and icon sets, along with a new workflow for managing marketplace components, or your own libraries.

  • Access Marketplace component documentation from the library palette
  • Download Marketplace assets and publish
  • Add Javascript modules to your libraries
  • New thumbnail views, improved screenshots, and reordering and sorting capabilities
Visualizer Performance Enhancements

Experience a 20% performance boost in Visualizer. We’ve made fundamental changes in Visualizer and in the build process.

Nitro Native Function Interface Enhancements
  • Support for C Pointers for native libraries
  • Windows 10 Support
APM Enhancements

Application Performance Monitoring enhancements

  • Background / Foreground events
  • Touch support
  • App Start and Load Time metadata
Photoshop Import Improvements

Improved performance and compatibility of the Adobe Photoshop export extension.

Multi-Project Workflow

A new collection paste board to move assets between projects.

Visualizer GIT Client

You can now commit and checkout your projects from a GIT repository directly from Visualizer.

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