In Digital Transformation, Data is King

Vermont Electric Company (VELCO) was facing a big problem: their application development platform was being shut down by a patent troll. They had seven applications that needed to be rebuilt in a matter of months along with a backlog of new applications. But behind this obvious problem was another problem: their existing applications were largely a set of brittle, one-off applications with a spaghetti network of point-to-point integrations and no unified data structure.

For a relatively small company, VELCO thought big. They saw an opportunity to innovate around a digital transformation plan that took them from shutting down their current applications to being able to drive their and their owners’ businesses with predictive analytics in three years. Key to that strategy was a modern application architecture and an API-driven data integration and orchestration strategy. While much of the focus typically is on application development, as most developers will tell you, the majority of the time and effort is often around data integration and orchestration. VELCO put this at the center of their data transformation roadmap.

VELCO selected the Kony Quantum low-code application development platform to rebuild their applications and drive their transformation strategy. While they liked Kony’s low code integrated development environment (IDE) capabilities in the Quantum Visualizer component, they quickly understood the value of the back-end services and integration capabilities of the Quantum Fabric component. By using Quantum Fabric as a central integration and API management hub they were able to quickly rebuild and deploy the seven legacy applications as well as build three new applications in just 14 months. They are also on track to meet their overall digital transformation goals in 2020.

Hear VELCO’s whole story in this 30-minute webcast titled “Rapid App Delivery with Fabric,” including how they took full advantage of the integration between front-end application development and back-end application services, API management, and integration in the Kony Quantum platform.