Infographic: 4 steps to measuring mobile ROI

Want to measure the return on investment (ROI) for your mobile initiative? Start here. Whether you're focused on mobilizing customers or employees, this infographic covers all the bases: defining your goals, assessing costs, assigning KPIs, and reaching an ROI calculation in cold, hard numbers. Go beyond strategy with metrics and equations that prove that enterprise mobility truly adds up. Interested in additional detail on measuring mobile? Read my first [blog post](/resources/blog/measuring-mobile-3-steps-calculating-business-value-enterprise-apps/) on the topic, or check out the white paper, [Measuring Mobile: Quantifying the Success of Your Mobile Initiative](/resources/white-papers/measuring-mobile-quantifying-success-your-mobile-initiative/).
[](/assets/images/default/files/mobile-roi-3-31-up.png "Kony Infographic: 4 steps to measuring mobile ROI")](/assets/images/default/files/mobile-roi-3-31-up.png)