Kony Client IOM On The Workplace of The Future

A couple of months ago, Kony client IOM was invited to speak at the IDC Digital Workplace and Mobility Conference in Zurich. During their presentation, Alexander Dougan, Head of Corporate Mobile Solutions, talked about how MigApp is helping migrants and UN Migration Agency employees better communicate and access information.

Check out some of the highlights from the presentation!

Happening today! #MigApp is excited to be part of #IDCDWM18 event in Zurich to talk about providing information and humanitarian services as well as digital tools to better serve migrants.

Photo credit: @IDC_Germany

— IOM MigApp (@MigrantApp) June 19, 2018

Spannender Slot vor der Mittagspause: Alexander Dougan, Head of Corporate Mobile Solutions bei UN Migration (IOM) berichtet jetzt aus der Praxis #idcdwm18

— IDC Deutschland (@IDC_Deutschland) June 19, 2018

Volles Haus auf der IDC Digital Workplace und Mobility Conference 2018 #IDCDWM18

— Erik Schmalen (@eschmalen) June 19, 2018

Our customer @UNmigration showcasing their @MigrantApp built on the industry leading #mobile #app #development platform @Kony at #idcdwm18

— Sebastian Vitzthum (@SV_008) June 19, 2018

Photos and quotes from the presentation:


Congrats to IOM on a great presentation!