Kony German App Playground: A Look Back

German AppPlayground participantsWe’re packed – a room full of people all ready to get started to develop their first mobile app. Excitement in the room, all open-minded people well prepared to be able to deliver an app prototype. An app to take back to their business. No wire framing today but developing an app from scratch with a real native experience.

In many cases there’s a need for an app. Each participant has a different reason for attending. Some have an app idea, others have been sent for a special mission. Can we challenge the existing processes? How can we rapidly deliver an app to the field without compromises?                                                               

We start with a 2 hour training, but as the team had some pre-work done - people in the room are playing around with the tool already. They follow the instructions of what’s shown by the trainer. Cool to see that some people immediately develop a login, add a button, and create a branded look and feel.

A German AppPlayground participant familiarizes herself with Kony VisualizerAfter the two hour training, teams are formed. People start working on their app ideas.

A lunch in the sun but, with temperatures of above 30 degrees Celcius (86 degrees Fahrenheit for those in the U.S.), it’s a hot day. But enough wind and a great view next to the Dortmund canal make it enjoyable.

After the refreshments, participants are heads down again and the QuinScape and Kony team help the individuals to publish their app.

Barely 3 hours after the lunch everyone is ready and mission accomplished for all. Small interviews are done, and once they're completed they will be online.

a German AppPlayground participant views his app prototype on his mobile phoneOverall, our German App Playground in conjunction with QuinScape was a success.

Can’t wait to develop an app yourself and experience how easy it is? Schedule your own App Playground.

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