News from Kony: WWDC and Google I/O

Earlier this month we saw several key announcements at WWDC 2017 by Apple for iOS11 and other Apple advanced technologies. This follows earlier announcements by Google about the Android “O” OS release, so we wanted to share a summary of the recent key news you should be aware of, along with the approach and timing for Kony to provide compatibility and support via our Kony OS update program.

Apple iOS11 summary (expected GA:  early/mid-September)

  • iOS 11 Beta 1 released on 5th June with enhancements across frameworks, like SiriKit, iMessages, and many iPad specific API enhancements.
  • Apple has added new frameworks for Augmented Reality (ARKit) & Machine Learning (Core ML) which enhances the focus on Artificial Intelligence and NLP.
  • Apple has stopped support for 32-bit Apps on the app store with iOS 11. If you are a Kony customer and have built apps with the 5.6 version or above of the Kony Studio/Visualizer, you are already compliant with 64-bit support.
  • Apart from iOS 11, Apple also announced WatchOS 4 with updates to watch faces, Siri, and several new Watch APIs like GymKit.

Android “O” summary (expected GA:  late August)

  • Android “O” Developer Preview released in mid-May during Google I/O with new features like Notification Dots, Vitals, Android Go, and Visual Positioning System.
  • Kotlin has been officially added as another programming language for Android.

Kony update plan

We have now completed our initial round of technical evaluations on the Beta releases and are ready to start rolling out previews of compatibility releases in the upcoming weeks. These will help our current customers begin to plan for the coming OS updates and begin early testing in their environment.

The final GA release of Android “O” is expected in late August and iOS 11 in mid-September. While per our standard Kony SLA we commit to releasing final support for these new OS updates within 30 business days, our history over the past few years has targeted a final update within 1-2 weeks or less of the Apple iOS Gold Master (GM) release. Our schedule is of course dependent upon the scheduled OS releases by Apple and Google, and is subject to change if their milestone dates for either their final Beta or GA releases are altered.

For current Kony customers to receive these updates you must have a version of the Kony platform that is currently in mainstream support (i.e. released within the past two years). This means that customers should be on version 6.5 or higher. Customers on older versions of the Kony platform should contact Customer Success to discuss options for upgrading and extended product support options.

Apart from the iOS compatibility support, we know that customers are also very interested in taking advantage of new developer APIs in these new OS releases. We are planning to provide 100% coverage for the new iOS 11 and Android “O” APIs in a Fall release of the Kony platform.

Stay tuned for more announcements on the preview releases on our community portal.

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