So You Want to Do Digital...Now What?

Imagine the following scenario: you’re a leader at an enterprise-level company, and the board and your investors have high growth expectations (as do you) for the next fiscal year. You’ve launched some successful apps and embraced the cloud, your employee culture’s pretty good, and you’re a pretty tech-savvy company all things considered. Things are chugging along, but you’re starting to feel like the status quo isn’t cutting it any longer. Some of your peers are talking about IoT and chatbots and augmented reality, and you wish you could participate in those conversations on more than just a theoretical level.

And then your biggest competitor issues a splashy press release talking about how they’re investing an obscene amount of money in digital transformation. They talk about all the things they’ll be able to do for customers and employees. The press, analysts, and even some of your company’s current customers eat it up. It’s all anyone can talk about on social media for the next 48 hours, and your phone and email are blowing up with Very Important People demanding answers.

How are you going to fix this?

The short answer: come up with a digital transformation strategy of your own.

But how do you go from idea to reality?

The first step is to evaluate what you actually need in a digital transformation strategy. What are your goals? Sure, you want to make the board and investors happy, and obviously you really want to beat your competitor at their own game, but that’s all for nothing if your customers and employees aren’t happy, too.

Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of digital transformation is to transform the business through the acceptance of digital technologies. Whatever you do—whether it’s revamping your marketing strategy or field communications/operations or business strategy—should ultimately accelerate end-to-end sales and business growth.

The great thing about digital transformation is that you don’t have to do everything all at once. Sure, your competitor’s splashy press release basically says they’re going all in, but do they have a solid strategy? What about a solid foundation in mobile? Are they partnering with anyone or is everything being done internally?

Those are also questions you should ask yourself about your own digital transformation efforts—and know that you don’t have to go it alone. Because after having a strong mobile foundation, the second most important part of any successful digital transformation initiative is having a trusted partner like Kony, who has the expertise to get you ahead of the competition.

And once we’ve gotten you ahead of the competition, we can help you stay ahead—which should make you and those Very Important People breathing down your neck very happy.