The Third Wave of Digital Innovation – On-demand Webinar

New, innovative technologies are being introduced at a furious pace; in just the past few years alone the number of IoT devices has exploded. Next-gen technologies go beyond IoT, though, and include things like chatbots, image recognition, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, all of which have amazing promise to revolutionize not just mobile but day-to-day life—and your business.

Our CTO, Bill Bodin, recently hosted a webinar during which he demonstrated the power of these technologies while also outlining a path from current web development to these new, innovative approaches. Watch it now to learn how you can leverage the power of these next-gen technologies and unleash the third wave of digital innovation within your business.

[third wave of digital innovation - watch now](/assets/images/default/files/thirdwavescreencap.png)](