This Week in Digital: June 14, 2019

Even though we may be going into the lazy days of summer, the world of digital transformation is doing anything but slowing down. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t take a few minutes to sit back and catch up on all the things you might have missed over the past week as we head into the weekend.

  1. Will coding become a basic life skill? Yes and no, say experts - Matt Davis, Big Think, June 14, 2019

    Almost all experts agree that coding will become nearly as ubiquitous as literacy in the future. But the nature of coding in the future may be very different.

  2. Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency, Libra, Gets Big Backers - Slashdot, June 14, 2019

    Facebook has signed up more than a dozen companies including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Uber to back a new cryptocurrency it plans to unveil next week and launch next year, according to a WSJ report.

  3. Study finds that a GPS outage would cost $1 billion per day - Eric Berger, Ars Technica, June 14, 2019

    90 percent of the technology’s financial impact has come since just 2010.

  4. Healthcare in a crystal ball: Bioprinted body parts and more - Stuart Corner, Healthcare IT, June 14, 2019

    Bioprinted ovaries to cure infertility and bioprinted kidneys for those on dialysis, waiting desperately for a kidney transplant – those were just two of the almost sci-fi scenarios conjured up by futurist Bruce McCabe in his keynote speech at the Queensland eHealth Expo in Brisbane earlier this month, along with using ever-present Wi-Fi networks for patient monitoring.

  5. Everyone’s talking about ethics in AI. Here’s what they’re missing - S.A. Apple, Fast Company, June 14, 2019

    The rush toward ethical AI is leaving many of us behind.

  6. ‘Girls Who Code’ founder Reshma Saujani is a boy mom fighting gender norms. ‘Let them fail’ - Amy Haneline, USA Today, June 14, 2019

    Reshma Saujani is the founder and CEO of “Girls Who Code,” the organization and book on a mission to close the gender gap in the technology industry.

  7. Alexa will play The Lonely Island if you ask for ‘some hot garbage’ - Chloe Bryan, Mashable, June 14, 2019

    Because I love a funny story about our robot overlords (also: it does actually work. I tried it with my Sonos speakers and Alexa picked up The Lonely Island from Spotify).

  8. Master Digital Disruption: The Great Rewrite - KPMG Brandvoice, Forbes, June 14, 2019

    Experts from KPMG, John Deere, The Princeton Public Library and others share insights on how the digital revolution is changing the way business is done in every industry.