What is your App Idea?

Mobile is not just another channel or device to deliver a reduced functionality of the organization’s website. It is so much more.

Enterprise mobility will yield maximum dividends when organizations create new ways of engaging with their customers, partners, and employees by providing smart apps which deliver experiences that are exciting, context-aware, and super-efficient.

I am an Immigrant: Thousands like me are ending up in new countries every day. I do not know the local language and the local culture. I am not familiar with the area. This app delivers me reliable and rapid information on services provided by the government, private and civil society in that country. It supports multiple languages, provides real-time alerts/notifications about the risks and important events, shows me the distances and safe routes to nearest georeferenced assistance centers and helps me in making appointments. It allows me to share my location details and tell my story in words and pictures. This app protects me and empowers me.

I am a Field Agent: I start the workday with my app. The app has already downloaded all the details of the tasks I need to complete, the facilities I need to visit today and the routes I should take. The entire day is scheduled. I can continue to work in offline mode if there is no cellular connection. As the day progresses, I visit various facilities, complete the tasks, update the work orders, capture electronic signatures of the customers, and when the connection is back, I can submit all the data to my organization. I can generate invoices and email them to the customers, all from the app.

I am a banking customer: I am upset today. I am so used to this mobile banking app. The login is fast and natural. My fingerprint is the perfect password which I do not need to remember. Besides the regular banking functions, I like the Mobile Check Deposit feature that allows me to deposit checks into my account 24x7 by taking a photo and submitting the image. Apps like these reduce the foot traffic to the banks.

I am upset today that the Mobile Check Deposit is not working on my new phone. I called the customer care and also left a comment on the App Store. “The Mobile check deposit feature is not working on my new phone. Today I had to drive 20 miles to deposit this check of $30! Fix it fast. Please!” 

I am a retail customer: Nowadays I do not have a predictable pattern for shopping. Sometimes I check stuff online and then I go to the stores. Other times I visit the stores first and later place the order online. Since I started using this app, the store experience got so much better. Using the product locator map, I can navigate aisles with ease to find what I need. I shop online or in the store I can see all my coupons and details of reward points at one place in my app. Thumbs up to the treasure hunt like experience created by using augmented reality. Apps like these increase the foot traffic to the stores.

What it takes to create great apps: It takes the customer vision, the right choice of the technology, consulting and execution capabilities to develop game-changing apps.

At Kony, we create apps like the above for our customers on our platform. So what is your app idea for your customers, partners, and employees?