Enterprise mobile application refers to a mobile application that is used in the business world to solve the problems of an enterprise. Generally, an enterprise application is a software platform that is very large and complex. Enterprise mobile applications are created to either combine or interface with other enterprise mobile applications that the company uses. In addition, enterprise mobile applications are designed with the intention of deployment to many different networks, devices, and operation systems; however, they are still developed with administrative management and security capabilities.

The development of enterprise mobile applications exists in conjunction with the rise in employees using personalized mobile devices for corporate applications and accessing company data, which is referred to as Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD. With enterprise mobile applications, all employees can have simplified access to the same applications as everyone else in the company, enabling uniformity between devices while still allowing employees to have the personalized mobile experience that has become commonplace today. This has the benefit of increasing efficiency in the workplace and cutting down costs spent on company devices. While many employees may bill their workplace for certain costs, devices and plans are handled by the individual.

There are many different types of enterprise mobile applications that are used in a corporate setting. For example, these applications may include content management, payment processing, customer support, email marketing systems, automated billing systems, systems for collaboration and messaging, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise application integration (EAI), business intelligence, and many more. Enterprise mobile applications may also be referred to as enterprise mobile apps, enterprise mobile application software, or simply enterprise mobile software.