Mobile content management (MCM) is a type of software that enables content to be easily and securely shared from any device in a specific enterprise. With more and more employees bringing mobile devices into the workplace for business use, it is important for businesses to be able to manage the content that appears on those devices to ensure that company information is uniform and that it remains secure. Mobile content management allows employees to view necessary content on any device that they choose to use and from any location. MCM means that the entire company will have the same access to content on their mobile devices.

MCM also allows the system’s administrator in any given workplace to easily share files to all mobile devices on the network. Furthermore, MCM allows employees to easily send and share content from their mobile devices, either within the network or to clients outside of the network. MCM also provides security for the content on mobile devices. The administrator of the system will be able to configure the settings for content, view how the content is both shared and accessed, and keep the content secure with encryption, password protection, and the remote ability to wipe and lock any mobile device on the network should it become stolen or lost.

Overall, MCM simplifies the way that content is shared and accessed in the workplace. With a wide range of mobile devices on the market that all come with different operating systems, security settings, and capabilities, it is very important for companies to be able to create a sense of uniformity between their employees’ devices as they are used in a business context.