Mobile field service software refers to applications that are used by either field service technicians or dispatchers to diagnose issues, determine the information and parts that are required, and deploy them to the worksite or the client. Mobile field service software is created in a CRM (customer relationship management) environment. The software will be able to determine both the location of the issue and the materials and tools needed to fix the issue. Mobile field service software can include many different features, such as applications for scheduling, dispatching, management of data, and inventory.

With the rising BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon, mobile field service software is a way to ensure that any issues with the company’s data, applications, network, etc. can be simply and quickly resolved. With mobile field service software, the provider of the software can remotely solve any problems in an efficient manner. Mobile field service software allows for greater communication and productivity for service technicians as well as a streamlined process and superior customer service.

Mobile field service software is often very flexible in nature and can be easily integrated with other business software, which may include programs for accounting and other business functions. In addition, mobile field service software may use certain databases that contain details about the equipment of the customer, an inventory of parts, and requirements for access. Mobile field service software is also beneficial because it allows many processes of field service to be simplified with features such as GPS and barcode scanning.

Kony’s Field Service solution has everything you need to mobilize field services by incorporating mobile apps, wearable and IoT options with multiple business scenario models such as scheduled break & fix, facility maintenance and direct consumer driven service. Let us show you how our leading mobility platform can improve your first time fix rates, meet your SLA’s, and increase profitability without compromising quality and customer satisfaction.