Mobile software development kits (SDK) serve as the foundation for the many varied and popular apps used by mobile phone and tablet users. Apps are used for a variety of reasons, ranging from personal to business use. While many enjoy the ease of use, efficiency, and enhanced productivity that apps provide, many more enjoy the opportunity to create apps of their own. Many companies are now providing customers the opportunity to use mobile software development kits (SDK) to build their own app in minutes.

More impressively, this is mostly accomplished by the customer, without the need for individual coding skills. These companies put the power in the hands of their customers, giving them the ability to create and customize an app for their own specific purpose – either for their business needs or for personal use. Businesses that provide mobile software development kits (SDKs) provide a convenient method for individuals and companies in need of an app that they are unable to acquire elsewhere. These apps can then be published in popular app marketplaces such as Google Play and iTunes. Once published, these apps work as any other in that they are updated regularly, are able to send push notifications, and have the option of becoming monetized with the support of ads.