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Google Phone Nexus One Now Supported on the Kony platform

Highly extensible platform delivers on promise of Write Once, Run Everywhere technology by supporting all emerging devices and mobile operating systems quickly and seamlessly

Kony, Inc., the mobile applications platform provider with Write Once, Run Everywhere technology, today announced that the Kony platform now supports the Google Nexus One phone and all other predecessor phones that run on the Android mobile operating system including the Motorola Droid and HTC Hero.

Based on an open architecture, the Kony platform generates native on-device applications and mobile websites for all major mobile device operating systems. This includes more than 9,000 phones across the most popular operating systems. Current mobile operating systems supported are as follows:

• Google Android
• RIM BlackBerry
• Brew
• Apple iPhone & iPod Touch
• Java ME
• Palm WebOS
• Symbian S60
• Windows Mobile

Recognizing the challenge of a fragmented and increasingly diverse mobile device marketplace, Kony developed an extensible, future-proof mobile applications platform that supports the constant emergence of new devices and operating systems. The Kony platform utilizes an embedded client library within its Kony Studio development environment, which executes an application development layer that is completely abstracted from the target mobile operating system. Support for a new device or mobile operating system simply requires development and updates to the corresponding client library.

“Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, the list continues to get longer and more complex as the mobile marketplace rapidly evolves. The challenge for every consumer facing organization is how to quickly provide their audience with multi-device mobile applications that deliver a high-value experience at an economical cost of ownership,” said Raj Koneru, founder and CEO of Kony. “At this rapid-fire pace of device development, it is crucial to utilize a mobile application platform that is designed to not only overcome this challenge, but actually take advantage of it. Our Write Once, Run Everywhere technology enables organizations to quickly offer and maintain their mobile applications running on the latest devices, making them truly future-proof.”

About Kony
Kony provides the mobile applications platform with Write Once, Run Everywhere technology that delivers mobile presence and commerce for consumer-facing enterprises. Delivering on the vision of one mobile platform, many mobile applications, on all types of mobile devices, the Kony platform uses a single-code base to develop mobile applications that run faster, better and with lower total cost of ownership. Headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., the company also provides pre-built vertical applications, which are customizable and ready to be deployed, hosted, and managed via Kony 360 services. Visit