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Kony Makes Write Once, Run Everywhere a Reality with next Generation Mobile Application Platform

Kony, a mobile applications platform provider with Write Once, Run Everywhere technology, today unveiled the Kony platform, the most open, flexible, scalable technology for developing and running native mobile applications. The platform offers an easy-to-use integrated development environment (IDE) that integrates with back-end systems, provides state-of-the-art mobile security, and generates mobile applications and clients for all mobile devices and operating systems, including Apple iPhone, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Google Android and Palm.

Delivering on our vision of mobile faster, better, and at lower total cost of ownership, the Kony platform uses a single‐code base to develop rich native mobile applications, device‐optimized mobile websites, and extensible clients including SMS/MMS and gadgets. This patent-pending Write Once, Run Everywhere technology optimizes the functions and user experience of each device’s native capabilities to deliver a differentiated, hosted, and managed mobile solution. Kony’ comprehensive mobile offering, from identifying an enterprise’s mobile opportunities, through application development, to hosting the mobile services and ongoing support, removes the complexity and cost prohibited nature of mobile programs. “Driven by specialized mobility requirements of Fortune 500 companies, Kony has delivered a unique technology to address the challenges of building mobile products for all types of devices and executing multi-channel strategies,” said Raj Koneru, founder and CEO of Kony. “Our mobile application platform enables the application to be designed and developed, just once, in a device independent manner and then delivered across all of device operating systems, enabling enterprises to accelerate deployments, reduce overall costs, and increase profits and productivity.”

Key Benefits
State-of-the-Art IDE – The platform provides a design tool that simplifies application development and increases productivity. The Kony Studio (IDE) offers easy drag and drop visual development of mobile applications along with a simple, easy to use scripting language. Other platform features such as integrated data service access and one-click emulator testing all help reduce application development time and cost. Highly Extensible, Open Architecture – The Kony platform is a flexible and adaptable system that supports all emerging device and operating systems, using only industry standard and open source components and technologies. Our mobile mobile web solution supports WML, cHTML, XHTML, XHTML-MP, JavaScript and CSS standards. Communication between the Kony Server and back-end sources is performed using HTTP(S) and the platform supports data exchange standards such as SOAP, REST, XML, and OFX.

Richest Mobile Experience – Rather than addressing the challenges of developing a single application across multiple mobile operating systems by designing down to the least common denominator, the Kony platform enables the development of a single application on one code base optimized for each device OS. As a result, its extensive platform specific properties and development options enable applications to access the best possible features of each mobile operating system.

Future-Proof Technology- Architected from the ground up for rapid ROI and long-term value, the Kony platform is being continuously enhanced to support new device capabilities and models, enabling existing applications to rapidly experience product advancements and accelerated market delivery. As a result, existing investments in application development are protected against obsolescence and TCO is reduced. Availability The Kony platform is immediately available. For more information, please visit

About Kony
Kony provides a mobile applications platform with Write Once, Run Everywhere technology that delivers mobile presence and commerce for consumer-facing enterprises. Delivering on the vision of mobile faster, better and with lower total cost of ownership, the Kony platform uses a single-code base to develop rich native mobile applications, device-optimized mobile websites, and extensible clients (SMS/MMS/Gadgets). Headquartered in San Mateo, Calif., the company also provides pre-built vertical applications which are customizable and ready to be deployed, hosted and managed via Kony 360 services. Visit